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Arena Closer
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An Arena Closer is an entity tank that is spawned at the end of a Domination or a Tag Mode round and on FFA and Team DM modes whenever the game updates or after a certain amount of kills to destroy the remaining players. Arena Closers have unlimited health, thus they are impossible to destroy. Arena Closers will not stop attempting to kill you. When you get killed by one of them, you will be redirected to a new arena/server. (Server gets refreshed.) Sometimes a server will glitch or lag when it opens and spawn Arena Closers immediately. They were buffed immensely after the updates of June 2nd and July 18th.


An Arena Closer is a tank and has a large yellow circle as its body. It has 3 barrels on the front, as its main attack purposes. It is the only yellow entity (with the exception of Squares, contested Dominators and Summoners). It has a yellow body and yellow bullets. Arena Closers were smaller before the July 18th update and did not fire Destroyer-sized bullets. The first version of the Arena Closers had red bullets.


After the arena has been closed and before the Arena Closers start to spawn, you will notice lots of shapes being generated at the corners. After that, the Arena Closer will start to spawn at the corners and slowly approach. Over time, the Arena Closer will start to cluster, since they will eventually aim at the same target, making them move closer to each other. They will always target the nearest enemy and will stop after all players are destroyed. Once all players are destroyed, they will start drifting off in a random direction and spin very slowly, similar to polygons.


  • You can outrun an arena closer with the level 30 Tri-Angle (it's the fastest tank in the game, and it can be even faster with Movement Speed upgraded). Do not attempt to use Booster at level 45 to outrun the Arena Closers though, because despite the Booster having more back cannons/barrels, it will be slower since it is larger and thus heavier.
  • Arena Closers can damage and destroy a dominator, after which it becomes contested, and changes its color to yellow. One Arena Closer can do this all on its own, implying an Arena Closer has at least 1648.1 damage.
  • If two players are playing as an Arena Closer in Sandbox mode, the bullets may bounce off each other, making that Arena Closers have infinite Bullet Penetration (if not it will collide and disappear)

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