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Auto 5
Auto 5.png
5 barrels (uncontrolled)


The Auto 5 is a level 45 tank that branches off the Auto 3. The Auto 5 is similar to the Auto 3, except that it has 5 automatic turrets instead of 3, and none of them the player can control unless Left-Click is used or if Auto Fire (E) is used. You can also Right-Click (or shift) to make the auto turrets aim AWAY from the cursor. This also works with the Auto 3 tank.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Auto 5
Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Auto 3 Auto 3

Auto 5 Auto 5

Tank Tank Twin Twin

Quad Tank Quad Tank

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard


The Auto 5 features a circular body with five turrets around the tank. The turrets are spaced 72° apart from each other.


The Auto 5 has 5 cannons that are automatic and fire at all enemy tanks and mobs in its view range. Each turret has a 90° field of view, meaning only 1-3 turrets can fire at a single target. The turrets slowly spin clockwise around the tank.


As Auto 5

  • When attacking Overseers, Overlords, or Necromancers, you have to target them manually, because its cannons do not target drones automatically. Which can be done by tapping the 'E' button or clicking on the left mouse button.
  • In Team Deathmatch, it is recommended to stay close to your teammates, because the Auto Tank has very little range. It is a good tank for farming (especially in the Pentagon Nest) because the player does not have to control the cannons.
  • Use the auto cannons in the Pentagon Nest because some of the cannons will focus on protecting you and some farming. Don't use Auto 3 because it doesn't have enough cannons to farm nor defend.

Against Auto 5

  • Since Necromancers can have a massive army of drones, the Auto 5 can't shoot down the drones fast enough, just put your drones in front and when you get close enough, swarm them around the Auto 5.
  • The Auto 5 has very little range, using a Sniper class will allow you to kill the Auto 5 without even worrying about its bullets, be careful though, the Auto 5 can take control of its barrels if it needs to.

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