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Auto Gunner
Auto Gunner.png
1 barrel (uncontrolled)

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Auto Gunner
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Gunner Gunner

Auto Gunner Auto Gunner

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Auto 3 Auto 3


The Auto Gunner is an evolved form of the Gunner. It has the same barrels as a regular gunner, but it has an Auto Barrel. With the auto barrel, you can see the locations of nearby tanks.

WARNING: The 1 uncontrolled barrel WILL NOT shoot at the kamikaze Crashers.


Overlord and Auto Trapper: Your biggest counter, be careful. This is important, don't let them hit you, and just retreat, if you do think you have a chance, just try to not get Hit a lot and remember to always be on the move. that's great as you can deal a lot of damage to them while they are recoiling, but if not, just leave them alone.

Free for All Strategies

In the Free for All Gamemode, the best strategy is to farm Alpha Pentagons. A great build is 0/0/0/5/7/7/7/7.

Team Deathmatch Strategies

In the Team DM Gamemode, the best strategy is to use your auto barrel to allow your teammates to know nearby enemies. A great build is 0/0/1/5/7/7/7/6.

Domination and Mothership Strategies

In the Domination and Mothership Gamemodes, the best strategy is to be at the Pentagon Nest and kill other players. Have at least some Health Regeneration and Max Health, and have most Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage and Reload. Also, if in Team Domination mode, if you want to go for the dominators, then it would be a good idea. To do that, aim straight where the dominator shoots, and your bullets will move the dominator's bullets away from you, so you won't get hit. The build for doing this is 0/0/1/6/7/7/7/5.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
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Pentagons Alpha Pentagon
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