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Auto Smasher
Auto Smasher.png
1 (uncontrolled)
Bullet damage
min stats: 0.4hp
max stats: 14hp
min stats: 0.6s
max stats: 0.27s
min stats: 6.4m/s
max stats: 12.8m/s
Target detection
Auto rotation
Turret rotation


Auto Smasher - This tank has, like the name implies, all properties of a Smasher, but has got an additional turret on top, like the Auto Gunner Auto Gunner and the Auto Trapper Auto Trapper. This tank has the strongest turret in the game, being able to upgrade Bullet Stats 10 points as opposed to most tanks' maximum of 7 points.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Auto Smasher
Tank Tank (level 30) Smasher Smasher
Auto Smasher Auto Smasher


  • The Auto Smasher can upgrade each Stat, including bullet stats, a maximum of 10 times.
  • Currently, this tank isn't shown in the updates, it is a secret update.
  • In this Reddit post, the developer stated "I forgot I had added it, and I was pushing some hot fixes... And it sneaked in". This addition made complaints about "uncreative classes".


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