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Base drones are small red, blue, green, and purple triangles that guard their respective base. These drones appear in the game modes Team DM and Domination.


  • Base drones are approximately 1/3 the size of player drones and are not controlled by any player.
  • There are thirteenth sets of two drones in two team mode.


Base drones, when idle, rotate in small circles inside their base. When an enemy player gets too close to the base, they fly out and attack it, similar to how an Overseer drone attacks. When the player retreats far enough away, or another nearby player is closer and presenting a larger threat, they will return to their base or attack another player.


Base drones don't have infinite health, and you can kill a base drone with about 10 destroyer hits. But if you are attacked, your best bet is to retreat, and see if you can find a teammate (preferably a noob) to distract them before they kill you. The base drones deal moderate damage, similar to other drones.


  • The base drones move much faster than player drones and have much farther range.
  • The drones will chase you farther than their activation point away from the base.
  • They cannot interact with your bullets, so you still can kill people while being chased.
  • If you see a player being chased by base drones in front of you, you might want to back up a bit to avoid being in range of them.