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Drone decay
Drone size
0.85m (tiny)
0.66s - 0.33s

The Battleship is one of the drone-controlling classes in the game. However, this one is different. The drones this class uses are very small, half the size of a Base Drone. The player can only control half of the drones, but can control firing too. It is recommended to press E, since having a lot of drones around can always help. This class spawns 4 drones at a time, and does this up to 5 times per second.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Battleship
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Overseer Overseer

Battleship Battleship

Tank Tank Twin Twin

Twin Flank Twin Flank

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard


The Battleship consists of a circular hull with 4 special spawners perpendicular to the position of your mouse. The spawners however, are different from any previous design: they are curved.


This tank almost doesn't need strategies or tactics, just like the Auto 3 and Auto 5 classes. You just rely on the server to choose the priority target.

As Battleship

  • Point your guns out: Although the drones will automatically seek out a target for you, it is still smart to point your gun to the nearest object. This will create a dense area of drones in front of you, instead of leaving your front exposed. Also, this will result in the initial firing speed boost being used optimally.
  • Keep firing: Do not stop. Press E right away. Also, reload affects the number of drones you spawn, since they disappear after a non-upgradeable time. And more drones means more chance at winning.
  • Set up an ambush: A variant to keep firing. If you are using the buff build, you can turn auto fire off, and let your prey come to you only to encounter a flurry of drones headed straight at them.
  • Do not fight overlords or similar tanks: Due to the absence of damage and penetration, the drones of another overlord or related tank can power through straight to your hull.


  • After the June 15th, 2016 update, the developer leaked an image of the next update which would include the Battleship. The picture shows that the Battleship has 8 drone spawners and an octagon hull.
  • The battleship is named after a type of armored warship that is armed with heavy artillery and other defensive turrets.



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