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Booster – The Booster looks similar to the Tri-Angle, but has an additional two cannons in the back, forming a total of 5 cannons. 1 in the front, for frontal defense, and 4 in the back, to boost. While it is not as fast as a level 30 Tri-Angle (but faster than a level 45 Tri-Angle), it is still very powerful in combat.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Booster
Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Tri-Angle Tri-Angle
Booster Booster


Gun Range Medium
Critical Damage None/Very Low
Recoil High
Vision Range Low


As Booster


  • Speed: A common asset everyone uses when playing as the Booster is its Speed. Some good stats to distribute your upgrade points into would be Health Regen, Max Health, Movement Speed, and Body Damage. Bullet Penetration/Reload is optional.
  • Ram: By activating the "E" key (Auto-fire) you can charge into your adversaries more easily. If they fire at you and fall back, worry not! You can stop this from happening by distributing some stats into Bullet Penetration so you can create a wall protecting you from the opponent's fire or you can simply drive your tank away and then dash towards them again right when they are least prepared for it.
  • Fall back: You are nearly always faster than your enemies. If you are losing a battle, simply run away, regenerate your health, and try again when your opponent is least expecting it. Do this as many times as necessary. Your opponents can't do this, so if they're losing, keep up the fight!
  • Never give up: A true Booster will never give up the target unless they are too strong or are a Trapper class. If you can't kill it this time, try again until they are mentally broken and start to make mistakes.
  • Predict the source: With the lack of vision, it's crucial for Booster to know where is the enemy by guessing the movement of the bullet.


  • Attacking Body Damage enemies: If your opponent is also using a high body damage strategy, be extremely careful! If you notice your enemy is trying to get close, do not let a collision happen unless they have far less health than you. Boosters have less base HP than other tanks, so in a collision between a maxed body damage Booster and any other tank with maxed Body Damage, the Booster will always lose.
  • Keep charging: Only makes things worst. If you are a rammer, then your health is your ammo. If you health is low, you can't stand a chance on the incoming fire or ram.
  • Pay attention: Especially in Team DM and Domination when you try to chase a target then suddenly find yourself in the middle of a cross-fire. That's what the minimap is for: to know where to go in order not to die.
  • Trap lover: Then welcome to heaven. Trapper classes are one of the Booster's worst nightmares. Stay away from them as far as possible, because they can launch traps right in your face and kill you instantly.
  • Suicide King: If you really want to, well then, do it with Tri-Angle, it's more worth it that way because it takes forever just to get to the Booster and you ruin it?
  • Be mentally drunk/ Underestimate your target: Never go on a killing streak and kill all the tanks you can see, some like to make you underestimate their tank and *boom*, killed by a level 15, hope you have a editing software for that video. If your not recording, then just go rage mode.
  • Scout: This is not a recon tank but a killing machine (thus there is no chat in game). Because you have no vision around you, you might get shot and die easily

Against Booster


  • Concentrated fire: Use fast-shooting tanks which deal massive damage in one direction. Examples are the Triplet or the Auto Gunner. Sprayer works really well.
  • Dodge: If a Body-Damage-Booster is charging in and you can't repel it with your firepower, wait until it almost hits you and move perpendicular to their direction (For example, if the Booster is moving down, dodge to the left or right). They won't be able to change course in time, so you'll have another few seconds to shoot them or recover drones.
  • Booster bait: (See Necromancer strategies)
  • Block the exit: If the Booster is low on health, they will start to run away. If you manage to block the exit, they will only have a slim chance to find a way to escape before they get destroyed.


  • Drone Phobia: If you are a tank that primarily uses drones, keep your drones close to you. The Booster won't charge in, so you can escape as soon as it gets distracted. If you let your drones get too far away, the Booster will be able to outrun them, leading to your inevitable death.
  • Sniper warn: Even though you have better firepower than the Booster, they can still outmaneuver you and make you look like a fool. If you see them from afar, stay away from them.
  • Let the Booster escape: It's hard to kill the Booster in one go but if you destroyed the Booster, your game will be much easier


Booster have 3 of the most common builds (from lowest range to highest range):

Health Regen ●●●●●●● (7)
Max Health ●●●●●●● (7)
Body Damage ●●●●●●● (7)
Bullet Speed (0)
Bullet Penetration (0)
Bullet Damage (0)
Reload ●●●●● (5)
Movement Speed ●●●●●●● (7)

Very powerful but has a limited attack because your ammo is your health.

Dive Bombing Build
Health Regen 2
Max Health 2
Body Damage 0
Bullet Speed 3
Bullet Penetration 6
Bullet Damage 6
Reload 7
Movement Speed 7

Close-quarter combat build. Gives you both flexibility and firepower.

Health Regen 0
Max Health 2
Body Damage 0
Bullet Speed 7
Bullet Penetration 7
Bullet Damage 7
Reload 7
Movement Speed 3

Provides alot of firepower but the lack of speed and health makes the tank an easy target for the enemy, espeically when your sides have no cover.


  • Booster is not the fastest tank in game. The fastest tank in-game (currently) is the level 8 Tank with max Movement Speed. The second fastest tank is the level 30 Tri-Angle with max Reload and Movement Speed. The fastest level 45 tank is the Annihilator with max Reload and Movement Speed
  • Booster is the first tier 4 tank that use Body Damage as their primary attack, Ramming Booster. It's also one of the most popular builds in FFA when teaming with someone.
  • Strangely, Booster only has 4 rear guns with very powerful recoil while tanks with many guns, such as the Penta Shot, have less recoil than the Booster.


Booster Gameplay

Playable Tier 1 Tank
Tier 2 Flank Guard  •  Machine Gun  •  Sniper  •  Twin
Tier 3 Assassin  •  Auto 3  •  Destroyer  •  Gunner  •  Hunter  •  Overseer  •  Quad Tank  •  Smasher  •  Trapper  •  Tri-Angle  •  Triple Shot  •  Twin Flank
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Pentagons Alpha Pentagon
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