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Bullet- or Shell(s), is the first type of projectile that an damage in-game. Bullet can be make (or fired) using guns (or barrels or turrets).

Here is the table show the number of bullets with stats of 0/0/0/7/7/7/0/0 required to kill a Tank with stats of 0/7/7/0/0/0/0/0:

Click 'expand' to show how many bullets are required to destroy the tanks stated above.

Tank Number of bullets required to kill a 0/7/7/0/0/0/0/0 Tank
Annihilator 2
Destroyer 2
Hybrid 2
Tank 10
Sniper 10
Assassin 10
Stalker 10
Ranger 10
Spread Shot (big bullet) 10
Flank Guard (frontal gun) 10
Flank Guard (rear gun) 10
Tri-Angle (frontal gun) 10
Booster (frontal gun) 10
Fighter (frontal gun) 10
Fighter (side gun) 13
Hunter 13
Predator 13
Quad Tank 13
Triple Shot 14
Machine Gun 14
Octo Tank 15
Twin 15
Spread Shot (small bullets) 17
Penta Shot 17
Gunner Trapper (bullets) 19
Twin Flank 20
Triple Twin 20
Triplet 24
Auto 3 25 (not accurate)
Auto 5 25 (not accurate)
Auto Gunner (auto gun) 33
Auto Trapper (auto gun) 33
Auto Smasher (auto gun) 33
Gunner 42
Streamliner 50
Tri-Angle (rear gun) 51
Booster (rear gun) 51
Fighter (rear gun) 51


  • All Snipers classes do the same damage.
  • Flank Guard rear cannon is equal to frontal cannon
  • Fighters side cannons are a little bit weaker than frontal cannon
  • Tri-Angle, Booster and Fighter rear cannon is very weak
  • Hunter and Predator do the same damage if the same amount of bullets hit.
  • Spread Shot small bullets do the same damage as Penta Shot bullets.
  • Twin does more damage than Twin Flank
  • Octo tank does more damage than Triple Twin
  • Gunner Trapper bullets are very strong compared to the small bullets of Gunner

Thanks u/Diepio_Player for the table and the information