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The Class Tree appears when Y key is HELD down.

Class Tree (or Tech Tree) - is displayed when the player holds down the Y key on the keyboard. The Tree is a circle that enlarges itself the longer the Y key is held down. It will continue to rotate around the player as long as the Y key is held down. The areas that are shaded black on the Tree means that there is no upgrade that that tier that is available. It has 3 layers, the innermost layer is the Level 15 or Tier II. The second layer is Level 30 or Tier III. And finally, the outside layer is Level 45 or Tier IV. It displays all the class that are in the game currently as of 28 August, 2016. Max level is 45.

Class Tree/Tech Tree

Scroll sideways to see all of the tanks.

Tier I Tank.png
Tier II Twin.png Sniper.png Machine Gun.png Flank Guard.png N/A
Tier III Triple Shot.png Quad Tank.png Twin Flank.png Assassin.png Overseer.png Hunter.png Trapper.png Destroyer.png Gunner.png N/A Tri-Angle.png Quad Tank.png Twin Flank.png Auto 3.png Smasher.png
Tier IV Triplet.png Penta Shot.png Spread Shot.png Octo Tank.png Auto 5.png Triple Twin.png Ranger.jpeg Stalker.png Overlord.png Necromancer.png Manager.png Overtrapper2.png Battleship.png Factory-0.png Predator.png Streamliner.png Tri-Trapper.png Gunner Trapper.png Overtrapper.png Mega Trapper.png Auto Trapper.png Annihilator.png Hybrid.png AutoGunnerg.png Gunner Trapper.png Streamliner.png Sprayer.png Booster.png Fighter.png Octo Tank.png Auto 5.png Triple Twin.png Battleship.png Auto 5.png AutoGunnerg.png Landmine.png Auto Smasher.png Spike.png


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Master renamed to Factory