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Critical Damage

Critical Damage - is different from normal damage. Critical damage can only be seen if a Sniper-type tank that has high Bullet Penetration shoots at the core of a tank/polygon. Every tank/Mobs hull have a core in the middle that really hard to penetrate. If the bullet hit the core, the bullet penetration will transfer all their damage directly. The damage that will be absorbed is the outer layer which damage the bullet. But the bigger the target, the harder to hit right at the core because it requires at lot of penetration to pierce them. The biggest example is the Mothership. It's got a very small core (same size as an average level 45 tank) and you can feel it if your allied try to push you. But when the enemy start to damage you, they can't reach the inside and what they done is their bullets hit the outer layer of you and it the damage the Mothership. One of the most effective weapons to damage to the core is the Hunter branch (Hunter, Predator, and the now-removed X-Hunter), their shots can pierce through tanks with ease but no one knows why.

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