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The Destroyer is a Tier 3 upgrade that transforms your tank's barrel into a huge cannon that shoots the 2nd biggest bullets in the game - and produces massive (not to say useless) recoil that pushes you in the other direction. The only downside from these bullets is that they are very slow. It can be upgraded from the Machine Gun at Level 30 and be upgraded into the Hybrid and Annihilator at Level 45. The fact that the recoil pushes the tank in the opposite direction from which it faces, makes it great for escaping while firing on pursuers.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Destroyer
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Destroyer Destroyer
From Destroyer
Destroyer Destroyer
Hybrid Hybrid
Annihilator Annihilator
Skimmer Skimmer
Rocketeer Rocketeer


  • Pros
    • Huge bullet damage
    • Equally huge bullet penetration
    • Also huge bullet size
  • Cons
    • Low reload
    • Low bullet speed
    • Slow
  • Situation-dependent
    • Strong recoil


Against Destroyer


  • Stay away: Since Destroyers tend to have high body damage, they can destroy you easily when they come close. Even if they didn't upgrade body damage, their powerful bullet will most likely wipe you out in one shot. Using a tank with decent spread and DPS like a Penta Shot, or a more concentrated tank like Triplet is the best way to go against Destroyers.


  • Tanks who primarily control drones: Don't try to attack the Destroyer, even with maxed Penetration for the drones the bullet will wipe out all but 3 of the drones.
  • Body damage: It is very hard to use body damage on a Destroyer, because being close enough gives you a chance to be hit by their bullets, and get hit with body damage.

As Destroyer


  • The ramming technique: The Destroyer's huge recoil can be used to ram and destroy players with body damage, for example: a tank busy with their shooting may not notice you until you're only one push away. The amount of speed that you can attain with the Destroyer's recoil is extremely hard to evade, making it very easy to ram people like a steam roller and kill them. This way, you don't have to fire at people to try to kill them, which is a very viable alternative to using bullets.
  • Obliterating enemies: Another popular strategy is to max out Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration and Bullet Speed in order to one-shot almost every tank and easily take down Alpha Pentagons. However, you must get near enemy tanks to make your bullets harder to dodge. A way to easily get close to any enemy players is to use your insane recoil to boost yourself to the tank, and shoot.
  • Play in teams: Attacking alone might be hard depending on experience, but it is easier to play on teams, with support from a heavy-fire tank.
  • Trickery: When you encounter a smasher-type tank, try to pretend to be idle and wait until they get close to suddenly turn and fire. This can trick the rammer to see that you are no danger and go for the kill, only to die when it are half a second away from over 10k 'free' points


  • Don't waste time attempting to attack distant enemies: Enemies that are attacking from a distance, such as Snipers, can easily take advantage of your slow bullets and mow you down. Retreating from them is the best option unless you can manage to get closer to them.


  • You can use the Destroyer's massive recoil paired with body damage to ram into people.
  • You can also easily block other bullets with it as it already has a lot of bullet penetration and damage without upgrades.


  • Destroyers are also a type of battleship that are light and carry torpedoes.
  • Back in the old days when the Machine Gun II was out., this made the Destroyer the only tank to be an upgrade to a level 30 or level 45

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