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Disambig.png This article is about Dominator class. For Game Mode, see Domination.
Trapper Dominator
Dominator Trapper CloseUp.png
Trap decay
10 seconds
1 sec/launcher
Gunner Dominator
Dominator Gunner CloseUp.png
Bullet decay
3 seconds
0.2 sec/barrel
Destroyer Dominator
Dominator Destroyer CloseUp.png
Bullet decay
3 seconds
1.9 sec

A Destroyer-type Dominator ingame

A Gunner-type Dominator ingame

A Trapper-type Dominator ingame


The Dominator is an entity exclusive to Domination mode. When the Dominator is on a team, they will be colored red or blue, depending on its team. As from August 25th, 2016, now players can control a Dominator if it is part of his team by pressing H.


The three Dominators share their hexagonal hull design with Smasher Smasher, except it doesn't rotate.

  • The original Dominator has one big cannon, and shoots destroyer-like bullets.
  • There is also a Dominator that shoots like a gunner.
  • There is also a Dominator that shoots traps all around.


Dominators will only shoot the enemy team, unless it is being contested (bright yellow) in which case it will shoot at all players. Once a Dominator has chosen a target, it will continue to fire at that very enemy until it gets destroyed or is out of range.

The Dominator has a different death than other mobs: It will respawn with full health when destroyed. If it was part of a team before, the Dominator will become contested. If it is destroyed while contested, it will become part of the team that dealt the final blow.

Types of Dominators

Destroyer Dominator

The Destroyer Dominator's bullets are large and travel slowly. They have a lot of penetration, but a very low reload. This can make fending off hordes of enemies very tough. When arena closer bullets collide with destroyer Dominator Bullets, the dominator bullet will alter the Arena closer's bullet direction. This is due to their infinite penetration.

Gunner Dominator

The Gunner Dominator's bullets shoot fast, have extremely low penetration, and are very slow. One tank can stop its bullets as long as it has its bullet penetration upgraded enough.

Trapper Dominator

The Trapper Dominator's traps are small and move fast to eventually stop. They don't have a lot of health, since they are small, but can still fend off hordes of weak enemies. The Trapper Dominator will always continue firing traps, even when the player doesn't hold the left mouse button or taps E.


  • If you shoot the Dominator's bullet with high penetration bullets, the bullets will alter the Dominator's bullet direction slightly and possibly fade away.
  • The Dominator is the only entity yet that is both playable and a mob.
  • Dominators are always at Level 75, they cannot raise their level by earning points.
  • The Dominator size is not calculated based on level. Instead, it is a hardcoded value.


  • September 3rd, 2016: The three Dominators are now accessible in Sandbox mode.
  • August 26th, 2016: The standard dominator (now the Destroyer Dominator) gets new classes: the Gunner Dominator and the Trapper Dominator.
  • August 25th, 2016: The Dominator becomes a playable entity.
  • June 2nd, 2016: Added Dominators along with Domination gamemode.

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