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An Ideal Tank Page Layout

*Note: This is my opinion


This is the first entry for all tank pages. It contains a brief summary of how the tank looks, its bullets, tactics etc.

Evolutionary Stages

To Tank Links to tanks needed for this tank
From Tank Links to tanks available after this tank

To create such a table, use this code:

 | To '''Tank''' || Links to tanks needed for this tank
 | From '''Tank''' || Links to tanks available after this tank

You can see the resemblances between the two and edit these. Most pages have already got this section and don't need you adding this anymore, though.


The look and shape of the tank. May include bullet firing pattern.


This part of the page contains the base stats for this tank.

Base Stats
Health Regen Medium
Max Health Medium
Body Damage Medium
Bullet Speed/Drone Speed Medium
Bullet Penetration/Drone Health Medium
Bullet Damage/Drone Damage Medium
Reload/Drone count Medium
Movement Speed Medium

And sometimes, other stats

Field of View Medium
Gun Recoil Medium
Drone Count None


Some tanks need extra explaining on how it works, so those information can go here.


As Tank


  • Hints and tips: on using this tank .


  • Don't do this: with this tank!

Against Tank


  • Hints and tips: on fighting against this tank.


Contains recommended builds for this tank

Health Regen 5
Max Health 4
Body Damage 4
Bullet Speed/Drone Speed 4
Bullet Penetration/Drone Penetration 4
Bullet Damage/Drone Damage 4
Reload/Drone Count 4
Movement Speed 4


  • Interesting facts about this tank.

Then, you can (not obligatory) add a navbox by typing {{Navbox:Tanks}}, {{Navbox:Miscellaneous}} or {{Navbox:Weaponry}}. The navbox below is the Miscellaneous one, since that is where this page belongs.

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