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FFA stands for Free-For-All. A game mode out of all 7 game modes. (The seven are FFA, Team DM, Mothership, Tag Mode, Domination, Sandbox and Maze)


  • You spawn into the arena at Level 1, a basic tank ready to explore and work your way to the top.
  • You are a blue tank (and will remain blue) and your bullets are blue.
  • All enemy tanks are shown as red with red bullets.
  • There are no teams in Free-For-All, but you can side and betray with anyone you want. Just remember they can do the same to you.
  • The only goal is to work your way to the top of the leaderboard by any means necessary.
  • To get experience, kill enemy tanks or polygons.


  • This was the first and only game mode in Diep.io for a while, before Team DM was announced.
  • You can cross-team with others using signals, but friendly fire is enabled in FFA.
    • Teaming is often frowned upon by experienced players in FFA and Maze.
    • Some YouTubers own clans that are in [] square brackets, and usually contain two letters, such as [MG] for the Master Gaming (also known as MasterOV) clan. These usually have a lot of teaming, and experienced players not in the clan are very likely to kill someone in that clan.

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