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A tank that has a similar body shape as the Necromancer except with one spawner which always points towards the cursor. It will spawn six Escort-tanks, similar to Tank but smaller, that will shoot anything nearby. Escort-tanks will shoot where the cursor is, when left clicking, moving in a circle. When right clicking, they will shoot/move away from the cursor.

Factory as in the Sandbox

Evolutionary stages

Tank Tank Sniper Sniper Overseer Overseer Factory Factory


Base Stats
Health Regen Normal
Max Health Normal
Body Damage Normal
Drone Speed Slow
Drone Health Extremely High
Drone Damage Extremely Low
Bullet Speed Medium
Bullet Penetration Extremely Low
Bullet Damage Extremely Low
Reload Medium
Movement Speed Normal

Note that the bullet stats only show the stats per drone. With 6 drones together, they deal a significantly greater amount of damage.


Drone controls
  • Left-Click Left-clicking causes all drones to shoot at the cursor, rotate counterclockwise and stay exactly 15m away from the cursor point. In other words, all drones within 14m of the cursor will repel until they're 15m away, and all drones >15m from the cursor will attract until they're 15m away. The Orbital Layer marks the range from the cursor where the drones stay and orbit. The distance of the drones from it fluctuates by >1.5m.
  • Right-Click Right-clicking causes all drones to shoot away from the cursor, drones >9m from the cursor to rotate clockwise and move outwards slowly, drones <10m from the cursor to attract toward the cursor, and drones >15m from the cursor to repel from it. The Repel Layer marks the range from the cursor past which drones repel from the cursor. The Attract Layer marks the range from cursor within which drones attract toward the cursor, and past which drones orbit outwards.
  • None If no mouse buttons are held, drone AI activates.

Strategy and Tactics

As a factory

  • Keep your drones close so that if somebody comes near you to take you out you will be ready.
  • Do not attempt to use small tanks as rammers, as the radius of the zone around the cursor that will command the drones to move towards the cursor is very small and finicky. It should only be used as a last resort, and even then it is dangerous.

Against a factory

  • Try to have a teammate distract the drones while you take out the factory.
  • the drones are slow; if you can get between the tank and the mini-tanks as a rammer, there is very little they can do.
  • Try using a Streamliner to get through their bullets.


  • The Factory has undergone some changes since its initial release:
    • It used to have 3 drone spawners and a circular hull.
    • It initially couldn't control the drones (similar to the Battleship)
    • It has been renamed (from Master to Factory)
    • New players have a chance to spawn out of a Factory as from November 19th, 2016.
    • The first version bore some resemblance to the Overtrapper.
      Grouping ability for the factory tank.

      The Right-Click grouping ability

The old one.