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Fallen Overlord
Hull diameter
4m (circle)
3,000 HP
Drone count
Drone damage
3 HP
Drone size
1.15m (small)
15 m/s
3 m/s


The Fallen Overlord is one of the five bosses, featuring very high reload. Despite its name and Drone count, it's surprisingly weak. Just upgrade Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration, and Reload, and you're ready to go. A good strategy is to dodge or out-penetrate the Triangles, so high DPS tanks with bullet spread and/or high reload is good. The Fallen Overlord's weaknesses are tanks that have High DPS and at least one of: Bullet spread, reload, and/or FOV. Drone size is small, and has 4 spawners

Tanks to use

Tanks not to use

  • Any rammer
  • Overseer branch
    • An exception might be the Overlord, if you're skilled enough.


A comparison between the largest playable Overlord (level 45) and the Fallen Overlord. The Fallen Overlord is noticeably bigger.

Shares design with Overlord, but larger and gray.

  • The hull is a grey colored basic circle.
  • The barrels are four small trapezium cannons on each side, that spawns disposable tiny drones.



  • Added on August 20th

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