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Fighter – Is the final upgrade of the Tri-Angle (Level 30 Flank Guard) along with the Booster. The Fighter can now play as a speedy farming class for it can stay in the center, farming pentagons while resisting the pink triangles trying to attack you.

The Fighter still keeps the traditional front and back cannons, but it gains 2 side cannons as well, giving it more coverage.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Fighter
Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Tri-Angle Tri-Angle
Fighter Fighter


Base Stats
Health Regen Low-Medium
Max Health Low-Medium
Body Damage Low
Bullet Speed High
Bullet Penentration Medium-High
Bullet Damage Medium-High
Reload High
Movement Speed High
Field of View Medium
Recoil Medium
Crtical Damage None/ Very low
Gun Range Medium


As Fighter


  • Blitz: You have a lot of speed and firepower, allowing you to be versatile and flexible. Try to attack the enemy on its flank. This will both suprise them and give you a chance to outmanouver them.
  • Dance with them: Or circle around them. Your side cannon will do the rest of it.
  • Unpredictable movements:Your speed allows you to change your direction quickly and therefore enemy Snipers will miss a lot.
  • Retreat: If you are low on health, retreat as quickly as possible and try again later.


  • Ignore the surroundings: You will get killed easily if you don't look around. Especially in Team DM where the enemy retreat to their base. If you keep chasing them, you might go deep into their territory, after which the Base Guards will kill you.

Class-specific techniques

(Note: Fighter is an all-round class so it doesn't need a lot of skill difference to kill other tank classes)

  • Triplet and Penta-shot: You can't fight head-to-head with them. Try to get behind them as sneakily as possible.
  • Octo Tank and Triple Twin: Dodge their bullets by moving in between two of their lines of fire. For Triple Twin, attack their weak spots and run away. Then engage from another direction. Don't attack them at the same flank over again.
  • Booster: Mostly when you meet the booster, it will try to chase you. Try both running away and wiggle so your back cannon might hit them and knock them back a little bit. By the way, Booster will definately outrun you.
  • Ranger: They will notice you first before you notice them. Flanking them will never work. Instead try to charge straight at them then circle them. When circleing them, try to change direction as much as possible so the Ranger can't hit you.
  • Stalker and Manager: Because they might be invisible, you might get trapped by them. If you see them pass by your screen or just fade out, be agressive and start to attack immediately.
  • Overlord and Necromancer: Start to circle around them. If they send drones towards you, try to flee. If they keep chasing you and the drones are far away from them, make a sharp turn and dodge the drones. They will see themself staring in the eyes of death just because of that silly mistake.
  • Hybrids and Destroyer: Fighter number 1 avoid list. Your only chance to counter them is attack far away so you can have time to dodge the shells
  • Gunner and Sprayer: They are like anti-air guns, with you being the aircraft. If you want to win, don't expose yourself to them and flank them.

Against Fighter


  • Concentrated fire: The most effective way to get rid of the Fighter. Fighters can't engage in any zone with too much bullets or else they will get shred.
  • Block their exits: Once the Fighter realises it must retreat, try to stop him from running away. That way, the Fighter will get killed easily.
  • Drone shield: Fighters are much more powerful then Booster when comes firepower. Try to protect yourself as much as possible until you can reach safety.


  • Head-to-Head fight: You can't underestimate the power of the Fighter unless he has made a big mistake. Not to metion that the Fighter can flee if needed and you can't do it (except Fighter, Booster, Tri-angle).


  • Another name for the Fighter is the "Star Shooter" because the Fighter looks like a star.
  • The Fighter got its name thanks to the community, because it looks like a fighter jet.

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