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In Diep.io, there are currently eight playable game modes. Each have different servers. These are:

  • FFA (Free-For-All): Everyone is on their own, and is able to damage and destroy anyone else. Your opponents are coloured red and so are their bullets, while you and your bullets are blue.
  • Survival: The rules are the same as in FFA, with one catch: you can not respawn. Once you die, you're out. The goal is to be the last tank standing in the end.
  • Team Deathmatch (Team DM): Everyone is divided into two teams and spawn in their team's base, a coloured transparent rectangle on one side of the map. The blue team spawns on the left side, the red team on the right side. Every hull and bullet is coloured in its team colour, and cannot harm its teammates, but can damage its opponents. Team Deathmatch can split into 2 types:
    • 2 Teams
    • 4 Teams
  • Domination: The rules are like Team DM, except the locations of the team bases are spawned in random corners, and there are 4 turrets near the corners of the Pentagon Nest. All the turrets are neutral (yellow), until a team reduces its health to zero. The turret then fights for the team that dealt the final blow and cannot harm or be harmed by members of its team. A turret can be made neutral again by reducing its health to zero again. This cycle can repeat an endless amount of times. Once a team controls all 4 Dominators, they win and the arena is closed. Dominators are also playable, by pressing H.
  • Tag Mode: This gamemode has always got 4 teams. The rules are like Team DM, except there are no team bases. When you are killed by another team, you become part of that team, but your respawn score is calculated in the same way as if you died. Once everyone is part of one team, that team wins, after which the game ends and the arena is closed. This game mode was previously deleted due to too much lag, but was brought back August 15th, 2016.
  • Maze: This gamemode is similar to FFA but with random walls throughout the map. It's the replacement of Mothership.
  • Sandbox: This gamemode is made for testing. There are separate Controls for it: K to level up, O to suicide, \ to change class and ; to enable God Mode. A party link can also be shared to play multiplayer. The map is very small, 60x60 meters. However, all processes still continue: the Pentagon Nest is still present, and bosses spawn as well. The more players in the party, the larger the map becomes.


  • Mothership: The rules are also like Team DM, except there are no team bases, and one person on each team can control their Mothership. The goal of this gamemode is to destroy the enemy Mothership. Soon after this has happened the arena is closed.
Gamemode Bonus EXP Server closes Teams Unique feature
FFA N/A Randomly N/A No teams
Survival x2 When only one player is left N/A No respawn
2 Teams N/A Randomly Blue and Red Teams
4 Teams N/A Randomly Blue, Red, Purple and Green Teams
Domination x2 Upon winning Blue and Red Dominators
Tag Mode x3 Upon winning Blue, Red, Purple and Green Team switching
Mothership x3 Upon winning Blue and Red Motherships
Maze N/A Randomly N/A Walls
Sandbox x1 No players online N/A Cheats enabled