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3,000 HP


The guardian is an AI controlled boss which may occasionally spawn anywhere on the map. So far, it has been known to spawn in all gamemodes (excluding Maze Mode).


The design of the Guardian is unlike any other tank in the game. Its hull is a big Crasher with a trapezoid drone spawner at the back.



The Guardian spawns Crashers at an insane rate. Whenever one of its crashers is killed, it is replaced nearly instantly. These crashers will chase the player just like the Base Guardians. The Guardian seems to be able to have a maximum of 24 crashers under its command. Once locked on, they will attack that very player until it is either dead or out of range. However, the triangles will vanish as soon as the Guardian is killed, similar to an Overseer's death. Upon destruction, the triangle drones do not give any EXP.


Its health pool is 3000 HP, though it can't regenerate health. It possess a very high reload, although it has only one spawner. The Guardian's speed and damage seems to be lower than a maxed Overseer.


It drops 30000 experience points upon destruction. It alongside the Arena Closers are not targeted by Base Guardians, nor does the Base have any adverse effects on them.


  • Strong against: Weak tanks, tanks with low penetration, ramming builds with low health (however most ramming builds aren't that bad.)
  • Weak against: Bullet spammers with high penetration, Necromancer
  • This boss has the same amount of health as an Alpha Pentagon and releases miniature crashers at an incredible rate, which then lock on to the nearest player. Once locked on, all of its minions will attack that player until it is either dead or out of range.
    • They will stay locked on even if another player approaches the main body, so it is wise to sneak in to attack when the minions are distracted by someone else.
    • The Boss itself will not seek to ram you, but will continue on a predetermined course, making it wise to wait until it has moved into a safer area before taking it on.
    • With six points in Drone Health, Drone Damage, and Drone Count, a Necromancer can bulldoze through all of its minions and kill the Boss itself relatively easily, although you may have few Drones left over if you hit its minions head on or if you do not have a high Drone Count.
  • In team modes, you can choose to defend against the Guardian together with a partner.


  • Added August 20th

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