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The Gunner is a Tier 3 tank that evolves from the Machine Gun. It has four tiny forward facing cannons which shoot in pairs. Its bullets are the smallest in the game and thus have the lowest penetration of all - however, this is compensated for by its quick reload speed. The Gunner is weak to tanks with a lot of high-penetration bullets (such as the Twin Flank or Tri-Angle), but is very effective against low-level tanks due to their very high rate of fire.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Gunner
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Gunner Gunner
From Gunner
Gunner Gunner
Auto Gunner Auto Gunner
Gunner Trapper Gunner Trapper
Streamliner Streamliner


Base Stats
Health Regen Low
Max Health Low
Body Damage Very Low
Bullet Speed Medium
Bullet Penetration Very Low
Bullet Damage Very Low
Reload Maximum
Movement Speed Medium
Field of View Medium
Gun Recoil Low
Critical Damage None
Gun Range Medium

Strength and Weaknesses


  • High reload
  • Very high bullet speed
  • Good damage


  • Low penetration


  • Small bullets


As Gunner


  • Farm: With low-penetrating bullets, farming is generally advised over actively fighting other tanks.
  • Pellet storm: However, small bullets don't mean weak bullets. Gunner bullets can defeat tanks by its high reload. Also, it's a bit difficult to wipe out the bullets, since they're small and numerous.
  • Distract Enemies: Gunner are one of the best tank to distract the enemy with, due to its perceived weakness:
    1. Flank the enemy.
    2. Engage the enemy's side or rear. Right now, they should be fighting your ally.
    3. Shoot them. They will surprised, and will focus on you, leaving them vulnerable by your ally, who can make short work of them.


  • Fight High-Tier Tanks: The Gunner, despite its very high rate of fire, isn't well suited at hunting down strong tanks. Just defend yourself and farm for a Tier 4 tank.
  • Fight Snipers: With their high penetration, Sniper classes can make very short work of the Gunner due to its low health stats.

Against Gunner


  • Bullet Storm: Their bullets will deplete easily when your bullets hit.
  • Use High Penetration: Most tanks can pierce through their bullets with ease, especially Sniper-class tanks, and hitting their hull through the bullet storm will be easy.

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