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Evolutionary stages

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To Hunter
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Hunter Hunter
From Hunter
Hunter Hunter
Predator Predator
Streamliner Streamliner


The Hunter has a bigger barrel overlapping the original, longer one.


As of July 4, it shoots in sequence, with the smaller bullet followed by the bigger bullet.

The firepower increases due to the large barrel along with the relatively small barrel underneath a larger barrel. This tank has slightly decreased bullet speed.

Similar to real guns, as with a longer barrel, comes along more speed and therefore higher impact speed and more bullet penetration.


As a Hunter


  • Use fast tanks, high reload tanks, high DPS tanks, or Sniper class tanks:


  • Use slow builds

Strong Against: Slow tanks

  • Weak Against: Fast tanks, High reload tanks, High DPS tanks, Sniper class tanks

Upgrade Bullet Damage and Bullet Speed, and Reload. Try to move toward the middle while sniping Pentagons and enemies.

The Hunter is perhaps the worst tank in the game for farming, due to its low reload speed. Focus on moving about and killing blue pentagons, which can be destroyed in two volleys at maximum range.

The Hunter is not good at fighting other tanks with high movement speed since they easily dodge the Hunter's shots. It is also not good at fighting tanks with high reload speed and penetration, due to its low reload speed.

Ironically, the Hunter is weak against its own class too, the bullets from other sniper class tanks out penetrated Hunter's bullets, and other classes usually have more Field of View than Hunter, even another Hunter itself could be a problem because all sniper class tanks are slow moving.

Conversely, the Hunter is incredibly good at sniping low-level tanks due to its single-volley damage. Begin hunting tanks of your own, or even higher level in order to gain points.

It can be also good against very slow tanks. Try to shoot around their bullets and hit them directly, and you can kill them in a couple of shots, you may take advantage of other sniper class tanks if you have enough confident and skills.


  • The Hunter has gone through the most changes to its fighting style of any tank. Initially, it had two bullets, one much larger than the other. Later, it was modified to shoot a group of 6-8 pellets like a shotgun. After a while, it was turned back into the original bigger-smaller two shot tank again. It was part of the 6/13/2016 power buff as well. During the July 4 update, its firing style was reversed to match the new X Hunter firing style.
  • The Hunter is a meme on many diep.io-related websites, due to the fact that it is often considered 'weaker' than other classes.
  • The Hunter was voted least played tier two class, possibly because of its weakness

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