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2 drones (uncontrolled)


The Hybrid evolves from Destroyer at level 45. It functions as a regular Destroyer, but also produces 2 triangular drones. These attack the tank's nearest mob/enemy when it comes in range and will slam into it automatically. The player has no control over them.


The gun in the Destroyer is the exact replica of the Hybrid, its son. It has ammunition that is identical to a Dominator (found in Domination mode). It takes 7 Max Health and 3 Body Damage to survive one shot from the Hybrid (and Annihilator). The triangular drones are similar to an Overseer's, but they're uncontrollable, making their primary uses removing shapes in the way of your recoil movement and damaging tanks that get too close. Another way to utilize this tank is to use it as a rammer, which is effective due to its massive recoil.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Hybrid
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Destroyer Destroyer
Hybrid Hybrid

Weaknesses And Advantages

Like the Destroyer:

  • Strong against: Slow and/or low HP tanks and rammers. This includes newer players to the game.
  • Weak against: Fast, rapid-fire tanks or good sniper class players.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
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Pentagons Alpha Pentagon
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