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Large Crasher
Large Pink Triangle.png
25 points


  • They spawn near the Blue Pentagon Nest and are moderately fast.
  • These obstacles will give chase until destroyed, acting like a kamikaze.
  • It can't detect the player's position when the player is Invisible.
  • Has the same health and reward as a Red Triangle.
  • They spawn individually or in groups with crashers (smaller) and other large crashers.


  • Crashers die only when bullet(s) hit them or if they die due to the players body.
  • Warning: Making a Crasher run into a obstacle will: make it go around if it's the small kind or do nothing if it's a big crasher. However, it does give experience to the person that killed it (Either with body damage or bullets). So if you see some kill them and get some experience.
  • Tip: If you have an Auto Gunner, the Auto Gun will shoot the large crashers. Same goes for Auto Trapper and Auto Smasher.