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The Map is the place where all the action in diep.io takes place, with 1m² large squares making up the background.

The area outside the map is darker grey. The player can move in this darker grey area for 4m, where there is an invisible barrier preventing you from wandering off.

In the middle of the map, there is the Pentagon Nest, where Alpha Pentagons, Crashers, and the Bosses spawn.

In Tag Mode, the map starts off as the regular-sized FFA map (400x400m). As time goes by, the edges of the map slowly decrease 2m (1m on each side) each time, therefore making the map smaller.

On Maze mode, the map is clustered with randomly generated and place blocks that are indestructible and unmoving. These will show up as grey on the mini-map in the lower right.

Gamemode-specific maps

The Map can have a different layout in different game modes.


Map FFA Map.png
Map edge length 400m
Info This is the most basic map: just a large grid.

Team DM

Map TDM Map1.png TDM Map2.png
Map edge length 400m
Info Team DM comes in two versions: 2 teams (blue and red) and 4 teams (blue, red, green and purple). The colored area on the map is the base of the team with the same color.


Map DOM Map.png DOM Map1.png DOM Map3.png
Map edge length 400m
Info The colored area on the map is the base of the team with the same color. These spawn in random corners, but blue is always on the left and red is always on the right.

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