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A maze minimap


Maze mode is a new game mode which is temporarily replacing Mothership. It has the same rules as FFA and has random walls around the place, creating a maze-like feel. We do not know if it will be permanent or not.


  • To play Maze, you must disable any adblockers you have on.
    • That feature has been removed by October 23rd, 2016.
  • Walls are indestructible and nothing can pass through them (except Crasher and Arena Closer bullets)
  • Every server will have a different pattern of walls. This makes more variation in gameplay.
  • Traps and Drones will die instantly if they hit a wall.


  • When the Maze mode was first introduced, lots of things were different:
    • Drones could go through walls.
    • Crashers and Arena Closers couldn't go through walls.
    • Walls were much "stickier", meaning they would tend to stop tanks when they collided with the walls.
  • These rules were later changed so now:
    • Drones cannot go through walls (there is a bug where by placing your cannon to the wall, you can pump them into it).
    • Crashers and Arena Closers ignore walls.
    • Walls now bounce tanks off of them.

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