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Disambig.png This article is about Mothership class. For Game Mode, see Mothership Game Mode.
Blue team's Mothership with tiny triangular drones
140 (Gamemode) 45 (Sandbox)
Notification Mothership Control.png


The Mothership was a level 140 tank, but is now a level 45 tank that can be played in sandbox with a hexadecagonal shape (that is, 16 sides and corners) with grey turrets on every side. These turrets spawn tiny triangles, which form the defense of the Mothership. The Mothership can control half of these with the left mouse button, but the other half targets enemies automatically and act like kamikazes.

The Mothership is a playable entity. However, it can only be played in the Mothership Gamemode, and you must be very lucky to be able to play it; only one person in each team has the opportunity to play as the Mothership for 2 minutes. After you have been in control of the Mothership for 110 seconds, a text will appear: You only have 10 seconds left in control of the Mothership. When these have elapsed, the player loses control of the Mothership and the first person who respawns or joins the server after that very moment gains control of the Mothership, after which the cycle recommences. The Mothership has 7000 hitpoints, which it regenerates very quickly. When the Mothership is destroyed, Arena Closers spawn to close the server.

The mothership was removed on September 22, 2016.


Against Mothership


  • Attack in groups: You will never be able to destroy the enemy Mothership on your own. Bring some allies: the Mothership won't be able to target them all, so the others will be able to deal damage.
  • High DPS: It is important to deal a lot of damage consistently, since the Mothership has a lot of Health Regeneration.


  • Body damage: There is just no way you will be even slightly annoying when using the Body Damage technique.
  • Target the drones: The Mothership spawns a new drone nearly immediately after you killed one. Therefore, you better just run away or use yourself as a distraction, allowing allies to deal damage to the Mothership.

As Mothership


  • Body damage: When the enemy Mothership gets very close AND has lower health than you, you can ram into it. Your health will go down at an equal rate, resulting in the destruction of the Mothership with the least health. However, you might still take more damage than the enemy Mothership because of enemy tanks, so watch out.
  • Surrounding: Positioning your drones at a distance so that enemies can get trapped between the Mothership and the drones might cause their death.


  • Body damage: If you are the Mothership with the least amount of health, you better not use the technique mentioned above.
  • Useless chases: If your drones are slower than the enemy you are chasing, you better halfly chase them in order to surround others unnoticed.

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