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  • The Mothership Gamemode is a team game mode: everyone is split into two teams, red and blue.
  • They cannot harm anyone in their team, but can attack their opponent.
  • One person in each team has the opportunity to play as the Mothership for 2 minutes.
  • When these have elapsed, the player loses control of the mothership and the first person who respawns or joins the server after that very moment gains control of the mothership, and the cycle recommences.


The goal of the Mothership Game Mode is to destroy the enemy Mothership. Both the blue and the red Mothership have 7000 hitpoints and regenerate these very fast.




  • Attack in groups: The enemy Mothership will not be able to attack everyone of this group (at least 2 people, however), so the others will have nothing in their way to harm the enemy Mothership. It is best to use tier 4 tanks for this, since they deal the most damage.
  • Use high DPS tanks: Since the Mothership regenerates very fast, high DPS tanks are required. Examples of these are the Triplet, Triple Twin or Sprayer.
  • Utilize the Mega Trapper: The Mega Trapper's traps can wipe out a lot of the enemy Mothership's drones, given the right upgrades.
  • Use ranged tanks: Ranged tanks such as the Ranger or the Predator can be good against the Mothership. Bring a group and make sure to have maxed reload, as the Mothership regens very quickly. Streamliner is also good as they have about as much range as a Sniper, so if you are targeted, your range can be used to an advantige, even if it is small.


  • Attack the Mothership on your own: Since you will most likely be hunted by the small triangles, your bullets will not reach the Mothership anymore and it will regenerate every damage you did.

So attack with a group of tier 4 tanks to deal some damage. The enemy Mothership will not be able to attack everyone of this group (at least 2 people, however), so the others will have nothing in their way to harm the enemy Mothership.

  • Use low DPS tanks: Examples of these are most upgrades of the Sniper without reload upgrades, or Body Damage Destroyers. Just use common sense.



  • Use tier 4 tanks: Otherwise, the enemy will most likely obliterate you with its greater firepower. However, you can use any tank you master for defending since the mothership will form a good protection.
  • Shoot through the Mothership: The Mothership is the best protection you can get. And since you can shoot through the allied Mothership but not through the enemey Mothership, you can hit the attackers but they can't hit you.
  • Use Trapper Classes: If you're going to be focused on pure defense, the trapper is a great class to use. It can impede boost/fighter movement, block enemy fire, stop the enemy mothership from ramming, trap the enemy mothership, etc.


  • Use body damage: A lot of enemies will be around, so using body damage will most likely result in you evaporating.


The Mothership Game Mode was removed on September 23rd, 2016.

  • However, it is still availiable on the mobile version of diep.io. The tank itself can still be used in Sandbox, as well.

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