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Octo Tank
Octo Tank.png


Octo Tank – The Octo Tank has eight equally spaced cannons, giving it the widest spread possible: all directions. Therefore, the Octo Tank is useful for farming or teaming, but it is pretty weak on its own against tanks with a high reload. Unless you are trying to achieve a high score in FFA and Team DM, the Octo Tank is not a recommended top tier tank. However, it is a good team shielding/protecting class along with the multi-spammers and trap classes.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Octo Tank
Tank Tank Twin Twin

Quad Tank Quad Tank

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Octo Tank Octo Tank


As Octo Tank


  • Stats: Max out Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration and Reload. Also don't forget to upgrade Movement Speed, since you will most likely need to get away from sticky situations. You can also use some upgrade points for Health Regen or Max Health if you are a beginner, but more experienced octo tank players can save these points for other stats.
  • Team up with another Octo Tank: Play with your friends or co-op with someone, 2 Octo Tank will wreck everything because of the bullet storm. If you can't co-op with other type of tank still pretty good because number is better than strength.
  • Spin to win: Nobody will expect the Octo Tank to be strong. When you spin at the right rate, it will make Octo Tank so shoot in a stream or similarly to a Quad Twins and that's makes you much more powerful. If you can't you can toggle "Auto spin" defaut button "C", to spin at a certain rate


  • Attack high DPS tanks: They will most likely easily break through your bullet cloud and damage your hull, leading to your inevitable death. Examples of these are Twins and Triplets, along with most Sniper and Machine Gun upgrades.
  • Attack high Penetration tanks: These tank's bullets will shred yours and will most likely hit your hull. Try to avoid them, unless you have support, preferably an Overlord or Necromancer.

Against Octo Tank


  • Concentrated Damage: The Octo Tank shouldn't be too hard if you have a tank like a Machine Gun or Twin. The more concentrated your bullets are, the better, because the Octo Tank will only have one or two cannons on you, and your Bullet Penetration will help blast right through, helping you destroy the tank.


  • Attack them at a low level: The Octo Tank can be surprisingly dangerous, so don't underestimate its power. Wait a bit until you are a decent level and then face them.


Live fast, Die young
Health Regen (0)
Max Health (0)
Body Damage (0)
Bullet Speed ●●●●●● (6)
Bullet Penetration ●●●●●●● (7)
Bullet Damage ●●●●●● (6)
Reload ●●●●●●● (7)
Movement Speed ●●●●●●● (7)

Very fragile but harmful build. Your main defense is your bullets.


  • It once was the tank with the most upgrade paths leading towards it, with 4.
    • It now only has 2, since twin flank's path to it was removed on August 15th.
  • It once was the tank with the most cannons, with 8.
    • This was beaten on August 12th, 2016 by the Spread Shot, which stands at the top with 11 cannons.

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