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The OverLord is a drone class, meaning it uses drones, instead of bullets, as its weapon. It is a direct upgrade of the Overseer, retaining its attributes but having increased base reload (4 drones/cycle).

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Overlord
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Overseer Overseer
Overlord Overlord



The Overlord is a simple tank to control but requires lots of skill to play and master. Like any drone controller class, the Overlord can attack or defend only. So plan your attacks carefully. It is a very powerful tank if used wisely and efficiently.

Here's a build for you to use: 2/2/0/7/7/7/7/1

A good alternative build to use: 2/3/0/7/7/5/3/5

Another good build that can be used effectively is 0/7/0/7/7/7/5/0

Yet another good build is 1/4/0/7/7/7/0/7

Anti rammer build: 0/7/7/7/6/6/0/0

another rammer build 2/6/6/5/7/7/0/0

As Overlord


  • Attack the priority target: It could be the one that has the lowest health or the most dangerous enemy on the opposite team.
  • Drone hug: Keep your drones near; this will allow you to react quicker to high speed tanks.
  • Attack in an arc: This leaves the opponent with 2 choices: 1. Attack your hull but they will get destroyed by your drones. 2. Attack your drones but more drones will sent out ready to kill.
  • Repel: A key in the diferrence between life or death/win or lose. Pushing your drones away can make you vulnerable but if you manage to do it at the right time, you can take the upper hand quickly.
  • Sidestep: If a fast tank like a tri-angle get past your drones, the best strategy to live is to sidestep. Simply move out of the tank's way at the last moment, and meet with your drones. Then, kill the confused tank as quickly as possible.


  • Get outnumbered: The biggest flaw of the Overlord is that it can't deal with being outnumbered. You can't successfully kill two opponents who are teaming against you (One with fire at you and the other will fire at your Drones, leaving you vulnerable) unless you're extremely lucky or skilled (or your target is a noob).
  • Chase fast tanks: Chasing fast tanks only makes you more vulnerable to the next attack. Sometimes, they will circle back and stand in between you and your drones, and there's typically no way to fight back in this situation.

Against Overlord


  • Be quick: Overlord drones can't go as fast as some of the quicker tanks, such as the Tri-Angle and branching tanks so you can use your speed as an advantage and kill them swiftly.
  • Lay traps: Overlord drones will easily get destroyed by hitting the traps. And if you have got the Mega Trapper, shooting directly into their drones will destroy them all.
  • First strike: Landing a shot that does lots of damage to the Overlord will make the Overlord hesitate. Then, you can do a full attack on them.
  • Be cautious: They can set up an ambush and most of the time, people easily get killed by it.
  • Overpower: When the drones are away from the tank itself, strike quickly with a tank with either high damage or high reload and kill the tank as soon as possible. An alternative to waiting for the drones to leave the tank itself is to wait until the Overlord is engaged in a fight with another tank. Then, when the Overlord is focused on the other tank, strike!


  • Solo fight: You can barely withstand the power of the Overlord, especially if he/she is significantly skilled. You can wait until he/she is distracted and then launch your attack. Your best bet to winning is attacking it with a tank with high bullet speed, penetration, damage and reload.
  • Destroy the drones: Doing this only makes things worse because the Overlord keeps replacing the dead drones with new ones at a very fast rate.

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