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2 (8 drones max.)

Overseer - The Overseer uses triangular drones to attack its enemies. A single Overseer can wield up to 8 drones. If no button is pressed on the mouse, the drones will orbit around you in a clockwise fashion, they will also attack near by Polygons and Tanks. If the left button is clicked on the mouse, the drones will move toward the cursor, dealing damage to everything in its path. This is its primary attack. Its secondary attack is when the right button is clicked on the mouse. All the drones will move away from the mouse cursor. It can be upgraded from Sniper at level 30 (see "Class Tree" for details) and can be further upgraded into Overlord, Necromancer, Manager, Overtrapper, Factory, and Battleship. With six classes branching off from the Overseer, this class has the most branches of any single tank in the game. When it is killed or upgraded, all of its drones will disappear. A good strategy to use is to repel your drones so they spread and kill a ton of stuff. The build is 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5.


  • Its mostly recommended while using the Overseer to upgrade the Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration stats to the maximum. Upgrading these stats will make your drones the strongest. You can also use them as a shield, gathering your drones in front of enemy fire will protect you because the bullets will take most of the damage instead of you. In team game modes you can also protect teammates from getting hit, allowing them to survive.
  • Another strategy which is useful in FFA is to repel your drones away. There's a chance that your drones will hit a mob or kill a player which gives you some points to level up to higher level.
  • Encirclement: When attacking a good tactic is to repel your drones outward in a circle to surround it in drones and then allow the drones to destroy the enemy

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Overseer
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Overseer Overseer
From Overseer
Overseer Overseer
Overlord Overlord
Necromancer Necromancer
Manager Manager
Battleship Battleship
Overtrapper Overtrapper
Factory Factory


  • The Overseer's red triangular bullets are often nicknamed "Doritos" as it looks like the snack.
  • When the Overseer stops moving and no buttons are being pressed its bullets will travel in a circle around it.
  • Pressing shift will also activate the secondary attack.
  • When Overseer shoots out a single drone (instead of both at once), the cannon will cause a recoil on the tank. This also applies to any other tanks that make drones (except the Necromancer, which doesn't shoot out drones.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
Tier 2 Flank Guard  •  Machine Gun  •  Sniper  •  Twin
Tier 3 Assassin  •  Auto 3  •  Destroyer  •  Gunner  •  Hunter  •  Overseer  •  Quad Tank  •  Smasher  •  Trapper  •  Tri-Angle  •  Triple Shot  •  Twin Flank
Tier 4 Annihilator  •  Auto 5  •  Auto Gunner  •  Auto Smasher  •  Auto Trapper  •  Battleship  •  Booster  •  Factory  •  Fighter  •  Gunner Trapper  •  Hybrid  •  Landmine  •  Manager  •  Mega Trapper  •  Necromancer  •  Octo Tank  •  Overlord  •  Overtrapper  •  Penta Shot  •  Predator  •  Ranger  •  Rocketeer  •  Skimmer  •  Spike  •  Sprayer  •  Spread Shot  •  Stalker  •  Streamliner  •  Tri-Trapper  •  Triple Twin  •  Triplet
Special Dominator  •  Mothership
Mobs Bosses Defender  •  Fallen Overlord  •  Fallen Booster  •  Guardian  •  Summoner
Other Arena Closer  •  Dominator
Polygons Squares Minion
Triangles Base Drone  •  Crasher  •  Drone
Pentagons Alpha Pentagon
Other Discontinued Auto Tank  •  Machine Gun (v2)  •  Mega Smasher  •  Predator (old)  •  Sprayer (old)  •  X Hunter