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Penta Shot
Penta Shot.png


The Penta Shot is a tier 4 tank, branching off from the Twin class. It shoots five bullets at a time. It can be upgraded from the Triple Shot. The Penta Shot can shoot over a large area in front of it. It is similar to the Octo-Tank, but it has a blind spot in the back where it can't fire, and has great recoil. It is strong against multiple tanks and Drone classes, and should avoid tanks with focused fire (Sniper classes). Penta Shot was the first Tier 4 tank added in the game.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Penta Shot
Tank Tank Twin Twin
Triple Shot Triple Shot
Penta Shot Penta Shot


  • Pros
    • Good for farming.
    • Can hit multiple tanks.
    • Recoil to boost.
    • Movement can be highly boosted.
    • Good for Pentagon farming.
    • Great tank-buster.
    • More concentrated attacks than Octo Tank.
    • Can easily kill Landmine, Smasher and Booster rammer tanks.
    • Can defend against any drone tank, so drone tanks aren't a big problem, even if they are experienced.
  • Cons
    • Can't focus on 1 single tank.
    • Blind spot in the back.
  • Situation-dependent
    • Large spread of bullets.


Against Penta Shot



  • Use body damage: The nearer the Penta Shot, the greater the amount of bullets. These can damage you way more than otherwise. That is, if you are not an experienced user of body damage. Lots of tactical experience is required if you would like to kill them the hard way. It can either end up you being dead or your target becoming dead. Good luck with Body Damage ramming!

As Penta Shot


  • Farming: Because the Penta Shot shoots a lot of bullets over a large area, it is very useful for farming (destroying mobs). However, this is not useful in Domination or Mothership, since the player doesn't have a score in those game modes.
  • Attacking groups: Since the Penta Shot's bullets cover a large area, it is the perfect tank to attack groups of opponents.
  • Grouped Attacking: Paired with the Penta Shot's shield of bullets, when attacking in a group like in Tag Mode, an Overlord or Necromancer paired with a Predator or Stalker cannot easily be defeated. For extra overkill, chuck in a Gunner or a similar tank.


  • Attacking tanks with focused fire: These can easily penetrate your "shield" of bullets. Examples of these are most upgrades of the Sniper.
  • Attack tanks with high bullet penetration: These bullets, such as the ones from the Hybrid and the Destroyer, can easily overpower you in close range. You are advised not to attack unless you have a lot of tactical experience.

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