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The Predator - A unique tank, since it is granted the unique ability to move its field of view by holding the right mouse button.

The Predator keeps some of the designs the Hunter has, but it gains an additional turret which enables it to fire three bullets at a time. The first component is the cannon that shoots the big bullet, the second component is the cannon that shoots the medium bullet and the third component is the cannon that shoots a small supporting bullet.

The largest bullet has high damage and slow speed, the medium one is an all rounder, and the small one has high penetration and bullet speed. The option of zooming in a certain direction can prove very helpful when fighting large amounts of tanks, and can provide great support in the Team DM and Tag gamemodes.

Evolutionary stages

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To Predator
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Hunter Hunter
Predator Predator

The Predator is a result of the merging of these tanks: X-Hunter and Predator. The modern Predator has all features from both tanks, the only exclusions being that the tank was named Predator, not X-Predator, and the appearance was inherited solely from the X Hunter.


As Predator


  • Use the scope ability: This might sound obvious, but it is really key to your survival. It is the feature that sets this class apart from the others. First, you activate the scope so you can see if danger lies ahead. If you see some bullets being shot from a direction, fire back and maybe you will hit the opposition. When the enemy gets within sight, shoot at them.(right click)
  • Stats: Some good stats to distribute your upgrade points into would be Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration, Bullet Speed and optionally Reload. Health Regen and Max Health are also important.
  • Scout: Predator are one of the special tank that can scout very well. React quickly between situation and provide information about incoming threat can greatly reduce the amount of death in your team.
  • Predict the future: A big need in Sniper and Hunter family. This will make sure that your shot will align with their hull


  • Close combat: When using the Predator, you have to make sure to keep some distance between you and your enemies. When using this tank, you're deadly from afar, not up close. If enemies try and get close, eliminate them as quickly as possible.
  • Tunnel vision: Watch out behind you! Don't get too distracted attacking a faraway opponent, allowing someone to sneak up to your tank and kill you. Always have one eye on your tank and never use the scope for more than a second when other tanks are close to yours.

Against Predator


  • Get close or get away: Don't stay at the place where the Predator can see you, but you cannot see the Predator. Either charge closer so you can see your target or get out of the Predator's range.
  • Take advantage of distraction: If you come across a Predator pointed away from you, it may be distracted by something far away, possibly giving you an easy kill.


  • Stationary: Standing at one place just like saying to someone: "Hey, come and rearrange my guns"


  • You can use the 'Shift' key instead of the right click.
  • There is a way to change the order the bullets fire and make all three bullets stack on each other by firing manually.
  • Before the August 9th update, the Predator could only shoot two bullets at a time.

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