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Quad Tank
Quad Tank.png


Quad Tank – This tank has four normal cannons perpendicular to each other around the hull. This makes it an efficient farming class, getting you to Level 45 in no time.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Quad Tank
Tank Tank Twin Twin

Quad Tank Quad Tank

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
From Quad Tank
Quad Tank Quad Tank
Octo Tank Octo Tank
Auto 5 Auto 5


As The Quad Tank


  • Front shield: Aim for enemy bullets with the front cannon, and let the other cannons kill opponents.
  • Rotate: While firing your bullets, spin (Press C)and lets your bullets spread to kill opponents and destroy shapes.


  • Do not try to ram, for example, a Triplet as they have cannons on the side of their main one. (The longest one in the middle.)

Against Quad Tank


  • Upgrade your penetration up to the max, and use a tank that has decent bullet size to penetrate the Quad Tank's bullets. (The Destroyer can be used with max reload.)
  • Use a team of tanks that rapidly reload, (consider a level 30 machine gun with max reload and penetration with damage) so that the four cannons can't go through your bullets.


  • Go up to a Quad Tank without upgrading to a Tier 3 (level 30) tank beforehand, and without any bullet penetration,as the Quad tank reloads quick.
  • Use a Gunner, they have low penetration. (But if you DO use gunner, make sure that the Quad Tank cannot penetrate the other two/three bullets fired from the other cannons.)

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