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Ranger - An upgraded version of the Assassin, having an even greater Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration and field of view. The Ranger has a long barrel with a small triangular matlet near the hull. It has the highest field of view in the game so it can see a very big part of the map, significantly altering the gameplay.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Ranger
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Assassin Assassin


Base Stats
Health Regen Low
Max Health Low
Body Damage Very Low
Bullet Speed Maximum
Bullet Penentration Very High
Bullet Damage Very High
Reload Low
Movement Speed Low
Field of View Maximum
Recoil Medium
Critical Damage Very High
Gun Range Maximum


As Ranger


  • Keep distance: The golden rule of the Ranger. If someone gets close, you are doomed.
  • Look into the future: Predict where the target will be when your bullet reaches it, and aim there.
  • Fire vertically: This will give the target a very small amount of time to react, but make sure your shot is well-placed.
  • Fire at multiple angles: This will confuse the target. You might want to circle around them to surprise your target, since they can't see your movements but you can see theirs due to your large field of view.
  • Calculate and set priority target: A Ranger's second rule. Because you have slow reload but very big FOV, you will have more time to choose the most (or least) dangerous target. More importantly, your shots have to hit hard so they will die under your hand faster.


  • Mass meetings: You will be outnumbered, especially because of your low reload. Avoid the Pentagon Nest: you will additionally get hit by lots of Crashers which can kill you easily.
  • Closing distance: Only in case of emergency or if you know that the enemy will die with the next shot.

Class-specific techniques

  • Triplet and Penta Shot: Wait for it to be distracted so you can take them by surprise. Do not engage them head-to-head as they will instantly kill you.
  • Octo-tank: They are easy kills since their firepower is relatively low but watch out not to get hit, even though their bullets are pretty weak, they can still deal a lethal blow. Try to dodge their bullets by staying in the the middle of 2 guns. If the Octo Tank has really high movement speed (6 or 7 Movement speed) try to avoid them as far as possible
  • Spread Shot: Out-gun them by focusing on the Gunner-type barrels. But do not underestimate them, they can still be devasting.
  • Triple Twin: Similar to Octo-Tank but you have to be more careful when meeting them because they have a thick line of fire and higher Bullet Penetration.
  • Booster and Fighter: Avoid entering their FOV at all costs or even letting them notice Ranger bullets, as they will often drop what they are doing to get an easy kill on you. Your only chance to kill them is to hit right at the middle to do maximum amount of damage and knockback.
  • Stalker & Manager: This is where you don't benefit from your FOV- Their faint glow will be even harder to notice because they are smaller, making it easy to blunder into their own FOV. However, if you see one go invisible at the edge of your screen on see a drone pop into existence, you have the upper hand.
  • Landmine: Basically your worst enemy- hard to notice and consequentially easy to give your position away to; and typically too fast and tough for you to kill before they ram you.
  • Predator: These are the only tanks that can potentially see farther than you, but often have tunnel-vision and are distracted because of their scope. Their larger bullets can also penetrate yours, but the gap in their firing cycle can leave them open.
  • Overlord: Don't kill the drones. Even without high Reload Overlords typically launch drones faster than you can kill them. They have boosted sight range as well that you should still stay out of so you can land flanking shots around the dorito-shield. Be wary of them sending out their drones *and* bringing them back afterwards, as this can force you in closer and/or catch you with them on all sides.
  • Necromancer: Kill the drones. Necromancers have a much harder time getting their zombie horde back, so you can simply pierce straight through the middle of it (with bullets, you should still be outside their boosted sight range) and then finish the tank off. If you see the Necromancer tries to use its minions to trick you (like "The Claw", for example), run off their screen. With your huge FOV, its minions will not be able to reach you.
  • Hybrid and Destroyer: Keep a distance, one shot from their massive bullet means you're gone. Attack from multiple directions so they will get confused and they can't reach their mega bullet to you if you stand far away. If you are in their line of fire, dodge sideways, not backward.
  • Sprayer: Their single-direction fire can be devastating and hard to penetrate, but it also means you can flank their FOV and land unpredictable shots on them.
  • Auto-Gunner and Streamliner: Similar to Sprayer, but opposing Ranger and Gunner fire can often simply pass through each other and injure or kill both tanks. With the streamliner, it's possible to out gun them by simply align your shot with their shot.
  • Trapper-types: Stay away from their traps, they deal massive damage. However, their tiny range makes the Trapper easy prey if hit from in between them.
  • Smasher: It's lucky when the developer have remove the knockback resistance of them. Try to avoid meeting and shooting them. If they notice you, you might just want to jump off the cliff and die.
  • Auto-class: Keep distance. As long as you stay away from them, their guns can't see you

Against Ranger


  • Rush in: Even though this is not the common reaction unless you are a Body Damage build, you will most likely outnumber and/or outpenetrate the Ranger with your bullets.
  • Dodge bullets: This may be hard to do, but as long as you make unpredictable movements the Ranger won't be able to hit you.
  • Build a wall: Ranger's bullets have high Penentration but are slow firing and can't penentrate over 2 traps. By making a dense wall, you can protect yourself from incoming Ranger bullets thus you can push the wall to cornered the Ranger if he starts moving to the corner.
  • Bullet Hell: Rangers can't enter an area with too many bullets flying around. They will tend to give up or refrain from engaging that zone. And of course, fire too many bullet will create lag which you can kill the Ranger easily if your computer strong enough.


  • Sit still: Doing this leaves the Ranger free to sling lead at you. Being a mobile target means they will have a hard time hitting you.
  • Run away: Rangers with or without high Movement speed excel at chasing down other tanks with their long sight and low recoil, meaning it is often a better idea to rush them regardless of how much health (and drones) you have left.

Strategies in different gamemodes


Not recommended. Ranger is not going to do well in FFA, so try using another tank in this gamemode. If you using Ranger in FFA, try to make your shot worth, don't show up yourself and watch your step (you might often encounter lots of ramming Booster. Not to say, they might teaming)

Team DM

Play as a supporter or a defender. Because you have a very high FOV you can contol a large area and hit the enemy without ease. Plus, your teammates will defend at the front so you will be safe from the enemy fire. Ranger is also good at catching tanks that try to flank, so if you ever find someone trying to flank, shoot them.

As a defender, you can retreat back home and fire back to the enemy when they start to spawn-camp your base. And because you have a very high FOV, it should be no problem at trying to snipe them while you sit in the base.


Depends, if your team starts to lose, it's not best to try the Ranger at that time. But when your team is winning, try to advance forward with them. And always keep a distance from the Dominators, they can't see you when you are too far away.


Sniper would be better in Tag mode than Ranger. This game mode ends quickly. Not to mention that they might have 4 teams in it, you will quickly get ounumbered if your team start to lose and the Arena will become smaller after time. Therefore, the Ranger isn't your best bet at winning in this gamemode.


Most important note about the build is that the Ranger must max out Bullet Speed (increase acccuracy), Damage (increase alpha damage) and Bullet Penentration (increase bullet health). Many Rangers players don't upgrade Reload because they want to hit every shot precisely.

  • Dead-eye 2/3/0/7/7/7/0/7: An offensive build for Ranger with high firepower, mobility and decent health. The only thing that you have to worried is the Reload and the fact that you will get killed by high speed classes.
  • Glass cannon 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5: This build is good if you on team mode (Team DM, Domination, Mothership) because your teammate will be on the front line and you will stand behind and snipe them. Watch your flank because you can't take any shot


  • In the past, Ranger used to have the same design as the Assassin but the gun are 1-2 pixel longer


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