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The Skimmer is a Tier 4 tank with a double barrel that resembles that of the Hunter, except thicker. It shoots a bullet that has two turrets on opposite sides of each other. The turrets spin around with the rest of the bullet and fire smaller bullets that do not shoot anything. The tank is the Level 45 upgrade for Destroyer along with the Hybrid, Annihilator, and Rocketeer.

The tank can be said to shoot out friendly, autospinning, autofiring flank guards instead of bullets.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Skimmer
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Destroyer Destroyer
Skimmer Skimmer


When it was first introduced on March 2nd, 2017, the skimmer used to shoot non-rotating bullets with two barrels at the back, one on the side, like a tri-angle without its front barrel. However, over six months later, on December 23rd, 2017, it was changed to its current version, shooting rotating flank guards, to make it more different from the rocketeer.

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