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Sniper – The Sniper has an increased field of view and faster bullet speed than that of the regular Tank. It’s a class with slower reload and greater damage and penetration.

Base stats

Base stats represent the implicit values of the stats of the current tank, without taking account of the points assigned by the player.

The point of reference for all tanks is Tank (Tier 1).

Health Regen Base
Max Health Base
Body Damage Base
Bullet Speed
Bullet Penetration Base
Bullet Damage Base
Movement Speed Base
Vision Range

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Sniper
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
From Sniper
Sniper Sniper
Assassin Assassin
Ranger Ranger
Stalker Stalker
Overseer Overseer
Overlord Overlord
Necromancer Necromancer
Manager Manager
Battleship Battleship
Overtrapper Overtrapper
Factory Factory
Hunter Hunter
Predator Predator
Streamliner Streamliner
Trapper Trapper
Tri-Trapper Tri-Trapper
Gunner Trapper Gunner Trapper
Overtrapper Overtrapper
Mega Trapper Mega Trapper
Auto Trapper Auto Trapper


As Sniper


- Stats:Increase reload partially to compensate for decreased reload on all sniper

- Target weaker tanks: Attack lower level tanks that have low reload or penentration. They will be easier to defeat. This can include other snipers depending on bullet speed and your accuracy.


-Attack bullet spammers: That espiecially applies if you have low bullet speed or penentration.

- Get yourself surrounded and attacked: This is never a good idea, and this is amplified as a sniper due to low reload

Against a Sniper


-Reload and Penentration: Those are the best way to counter snipers, as bullet-spamming will override the snipers bullets easily

-Drones: Overseer-type tanks can easily use their bullets to overcome sniper bullets


-Lack caution: Because snipers have a higher field of view, they can notice you without you noticing them. That leaves your skill of detecting bullets to do everything, since then you can destroy or dodge them. The bullets are also give away the sniper's rough position


  • The Sniper currently features the largest upgrade tree, with 16 possible upgrades.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
Tier 2 Flank Guard  •  Machine Gun  •  Sniper  •  Twin
Tier 3 Assassin  •  Auto 3  •  Destroyer  •  Gunner  •  Hunter  •  Overseer  •  Quad Tank  •  Smasher  •  Trapper  •  Tri-Angle  •  Triple Shot  •  Twin Flank
Tier 4 Annihilator  •  Auto 5  •  Auto Gunner  •  Auto Smasher  •  Auto Trapper  •  Battleship  •  Booster  •  Factory  •  Fighter  •  Gunner Trapper  •  Hybrid  •  Landmine  •  Manager  •  Mega Trapper  •  Necromancer  •  Octo Tank  •  Overlord  •  Overtrapper  •  Penta Shot  •  Predator  •  Ranger  •  Rocketeer  •  Skimmer  •  Spike  •  Sprayer  •  Spread Shot  •  Stalker  •  Streamliner  •  Tri-Trapper  •  Triple Twin  •  Triplet
Special Dominator  •  Mothership
Mobs Bosses Defender  •  Fallen Overlord  •  Fallen Booster  •  Guardian  •  Summoner
Other Arena Closer  •  Dominator
Polygons Squares Minion
Triangles Base Drone  •  Crasher  •  Drone
Pentagons Alpha Pentagon
Other Discontinued Auto Tank  •  Machine Gun (v2)  •  Mega Smasher  •  Predator (old)  •  Sprayer (old)  •  X Hunter