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Spread Shot
Spread Shot.png


Spread Shot - looks similar to the Penta Shot but its fire rate is slower than the Penta Shot and fires eleven bullets per round. The center turret's bullet is slightly bigger and stronger than the other smaller bullets.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Spread Shot
Tank Tank Twin Twin
Triple Shot Triple Shot
Spread Shot Spread Shot


  • Has eleven barrels positioned around the tank like that of the Penta Shot
  • Its barrels are slightly shorter than the barrels of a Penta Shot.
  • The bullets in the center are larger and they decrease in size as they move out toward the edges.


  • Spread Shots can be excellent offensive and defensive units due to their wide bullet spread, virtually non-existent recoil and solid damage.
    • Balanced Offensive Build: Max bullet damage, bullet penetration and reload. If you want to be tougher to kill, split remaining points between bullet speed and max health.
    • Glass Cannon Build: Max bullet damage, bullet penetration, bullet speed, reload and put remaining points into movement speed. This build can very quickly top the leaderboards due to its incredible spamming ability and is incredibly overpowered. Watch out for Snipers, Streamliners and Auto-turret tanks, as their focused high-damage bullets can kill you quickly.
    • 'The Wave' Build: Max bullet damage, bullet penetration, reload, and movement speed, placing the remaining points into max health. This build is great for eliminating Smashers and Landmines due to its speed and incredibly wide spread of bullets, hence the nickname. The downside to this build is you won't get as many points as other builds and you can't catch faster tanks. Be careful not to get stuck between two strong tanks with this build, since your wave of bullet will only protect your front - use your speed to get out quickly and your bullet spam to block any bullets
    • 'The Wall' Build: Max bullet damage, penetration, reload, max health, add two point to bullet speed and the rest to movement speed. Similar to The Wave but your bullets are a bit further in front your tank, making it easier to catch faster tanks but making you a bit more vulnerable to attack.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
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