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The Streamliner is basically a Hunter and a Gunner thrown into a blender together on high. It fires all its bullets in 1 straight line, like the Assassin and Hunter branch, but fires them at a very fast pace, like the Machine Gun branch. It is good for farming. It can fire a very concentrated beam on a single target, better than a Hunter or a Gunner but it lacks bullet speed and penetration.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Streamliner
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Hunter Hunter

Streamliner Streamliner

Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Gunner Gunner


  • Has five barrels stacked on top of each other with the barrel above slightly shorter than the one below it.
  • Fires five bullets per round - two together then three following after.


Leveling up tips

Start off by maxing your bullet penetration and damage, than upgrade to Sniper and start killing other tanks, once you are Lv. 30 you should have your 4 offensive stats maxed out(not body damage), now everything you need to do is get to Lv. 45, put the extra 5 points in movements speed and you're done.

0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5 Is the build.

As Streamliner


  • Attacking Supporter: If in Team Death Match/Mothership/Domination team up with a high level tank that shoots in many directions. You could be the one doing the damage while the other tank tries to keep you from being hit all other directions.
  • Concentrated fire: You don't have a lot of firepower, but are still one of the tanks with the best accuracy and firing rate in the game. Firing at one point will make your shots become much stronger.


  • Get into group fights: Avoid being surrounded by multiple enemies, which will cause your inevitable death, since you can only shoot in one direction.

In-depth techniques

First of all, the Streamliner has a very focused stream of bullets, this is both a good side and a downside, the good side is, you can control the stream however you want to! The bad thing is, it can be quite difficult to hit with such focused firing, luckily, here are some tricks and firing technique:

  • The wave: You basically shake your barrel a little bit, it helps you accuracy.
  • The snake: Shake the barrel up and down on the middle 1/3 of the screen, can be useful to kill low HP tanks or to trap your opponent.
  • Auto spin:Press the 'c' key and you wil spin around, making you kind of like a triple twin

Those three tricks are very important to learn! Another thing you will need to practice is dodging, learn how to use your recoil to your advantage and you will become much better with the Streamliner.

Against specific tanks

Easy to fight

  • Fighter and Booster: You can counter these tank easily. The Tri-Angle branch is very good at close combat, and Streamliner is amazing at taking close combat tanks out, just keep shooting at them and you will easily kill them.
  • Hybrid: Same as Fighter and Boosters, very easy to take out, just make sure his bullets don't touch you.
    • Extra tips: Do not approach tanks vertically so you will not get surprised.
  • Triple twin: Its lack of recoil makes it easy to chase it down, and it can't really do anything, overall, free points.
  • Octo tank: Same as Triple twin.
  • Battleship: Just shoot at with everything you got, and if you get to low health, retreat.
  • Auto gunner: A very weak bullet spammer, it shouldn't be hard to kill, just use everything you got against it.
  • Auto 5: Same as Auto gunner.
  • Trappers (not including Gunner trapper): Very easy to get through their defenses and kill them, and even if you dont, they can't really do anything to you.
  • Necromancer: Just kill all of their drones and they will be defenseless. Their drones are also slow so retreating is easy.
  • Rammers-type: Let the knock back do its job.


  • Other Streamliners: Depends who shoot first or who get the advantage first
  • Overlord and Manager: Those tanks can cause some problems if you aren't careful, stay away from their FOV (you have a bigger FOV because the Streamliner is a Hunter upgrade and the Hunter gets extra FOV), and if they send their drones towards you: RETREAT! Also don't let them use "The claw" (see Necromancer strategies) on you, and if they do, recoil backwards and retreat.
    • Extra tips: Use "The snake" to easily find invisible tanks.
  • Basic tank: This is where it gets interesting, try to trick it to make it so he wont know where you are, as backfire is the Streamliner biggest weakness.
    • Extra tips: Try to be near the edges of the map and try to trap tanks in corners, this will give you a great advantage, just make sure nobody traps you
  • Penta shot and Spread shot: Not a lot to say here, just try to shoot it while avoiding its bullets, and think the Penta Shot is a little harder.

Hard to fight

  • Triplet and Sprayer: Your biggest counter, be careful. This is important, don't let them hit you, and just retreat, if you do think you have a chance, just try to not get backfired a lot and remember to always be on the move. If you can get them to recoil towards you, that's great as you can deal a lot of damage to them while they are recoiling, but if not, just leave them alone.
  • Predator: Try to move toward them while avoiding their bullets, once you are close enough, kill them.
    • Extra tips: You have the same FOV as the predator when they aren't using their right click ability, use this to your advantage.
  • Ranger and Stalker: Same as Predator, do note that they have a bigger FOV than you.

Thanks u/Etpio5 and everyone who help him doing this Streamliner guide

Against Streamliner


  • High Speed: The Streamliner can only fire in a straight line, so it is easy to get out of the bullet's way with a fast tank.
  • Spread Bullets: Since nothing can out penetrate a Streamliner by firing straight into its bullets, Aim for the sides using tanks in the Triple Shot branch or just aim for its side using tanks like the Triplet or Machine Gun Branches. A fast Fighter can work too.


  • Necromancer: Don't use the Necromancer to attack a Streamliner. Your yellow squares will absorb the bullet's damage completely to later disappear, resulting in an inevitable death, unless your drones are very fast and spread apart.
  • Body Builds: Because of the Streamliner's extreme concentration of bullets, the knock back is also great if it gets a good aim at you.


  • The Streamliner's bullets resemble a nail firing head first.
  • The Streamliner's spray resembles a Gatling Gun.
  • Streamliner bullets share the same behavior as the Predator and Hunter (Do higher damage when penetrating the tank core).

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