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Survival is a game mode added on February 15th. It is just like FFA, except the fact that players can't respawn once they are killed. When players die, they will be redirected to another server. Also, the arena shrinks upon a player's death. In addition, the Polygons gives 3x the original amount of experience. Players also level up automatically.

When first joining a Survival game, instead of directly spawning in the arena, the player have to wait for others to join in. If there are enough players, the game will start in ten seconds. Other players can still join during this countdown. When the countdown finishes, players will spawn in the arena. Other players can no longer join the server once the round has officially started. The number of the players determines the preliminary size of the arena. The more players there are, the larger the arena will be when the game starts. As players are being killed, the arena shrinks. If a player dies, they will be redirected to a different server if he/she tries to respawn, on which the new server is waiting for other new players.

When there is only one player left (after all others are killed), the arena will immediately close, and Arena Closers will spawn.


Similar strategies to Free For All can apply to Survival, since Survival is similar to it, except with only one life.

The Triplet and the Sprayer are two great choices for Survival. They're both somewhat easy to get to, and they are good for handling lots of tanks. Not only that, but both classes can beat almost any class that they encounter in a 1v1. Some exceptions include any skilled Overlord players.

Most Trapper classes are hard to get to in survival (even with the experience increase per polygon), thus increasing the risk of dying early in the game.

During the final stretch when there's only four or less players in the match, the player leading in score must stay in the middle and assure they don't get themselves cornered. There's no point trying to hide or flee, since the leader waypoint still exists, and opponents will still use it.

Auto tanks are great choices, as they point to where enemies are.

If there's a player who plays Overseer and is skilled as playing as one in the match, it's game over. To prevent an Overseer from unleashing, all players must kill all snipers and high-leveled tanks on sight.


  • It is the first gamemode to have a countdown that waits for players to join.
    • It is also currently the only mode that has a requirement to start.
  • You can see the entire map at the end, if you survive for a while.
  • It is the only gamemode in which players have only one life.