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Tag Mode was the 5th gamemode to be added in diep.io: on August 15th, 2016. However, it is displayed as the 4th gamemode, between the Domination and Mothership gamemode. This gamemode was already in the game a long time before August 15th, 2016, but was then removed. The goal is to all become part of one team. Actually, you will never lose in this gamemode if you look at it this way. The map decreases in size as one team starts to have the majority. Also, invisible classes don't go fully invisible in tag mode, contrary to the other gamemode. The amount of players on a server can hugely vary: sometimes, there are no more than 10 players, sometimes this number exceeds 60.


The first time you spawn, you will join a random team. Then, you will have to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible, as usual. When you die, you will become part of the enemy team that killed you (if it is a polygon, you will rejoin your team), but with the same score as if you actually died. The goal is to get all players in your team, after which the arena is closed. There are also four teams instead of two: Blue, Red, Purple and Green.


  • This gamemode was already in the game before August 15th, 2016 but was then removed.
  • This is the only few gamemode that always has 4 teams.
  • Arena Closers have a much easier job cleaning the arena, since it becomes very small at the end of the game.
  • It is incredibly difficult to play this mode for colorblind people: purple and blue look similar for a specific kind of colorblindness, as well as red and green.
  • When Tag mode added, there are several things that today Tag mode don't have:
    • Map won't decrease in size
    • There's only 2 teams
    • You can't die, literally can't since other team kill you, you will become their team without dying.
    • Invisible class will go invisible
    • No Dominator Turret

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