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It is a type of tank which can be upgraded from Flank Guard at level 30. It has one major cannon at the top and two smaller on the back. The Tri-Angle may seem bad but if leveled correctly it can become an excellent force to be reckoned with. It is mostly used to deal body damage to target and eventually kill tanks. It is the second fastest tank in the game, (the first being a Level 8 Tank with Movement Speed maxed) but only at close to level 30.


Movement Speed +

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Tri-Angle
Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Tri-Angle Tri-Angle
From Tri-Angle
Tri-Angle Tri-Angle
Booster Booster
Fighter Fighter



  • Great "hit and run" tank
  • Rear cannon can do some knockback
  • High reload
  • Easy to master


  • Very hard to be stationary when you have to fire

Weak against

The Tri-Angle will have a tough time against Triple Shots and Penta Shots due to the wide coverage of their bullets. Because of this, they should surprise them before they have tim e to set up a wall of bullets.


Amateur fighter : Build is 0-0-0-5-7-7-7-7

Can mix and match between bullet speed and reload, but the key is to strike fast and forcefully. Use the bullet wall your tank should create to knock out opposition by doing a flanking charge. This can kill most tanks, even rammers with enough patience in short amounts of time.

Health Regen ●●●●●●● (7)
Max Health ●●●●●●● (7)
Body Damage ●●●●●●● (7)
Bullet Speed (0)
Bullet Penetration (0)
Bullet Damage (0)
Reload ●●●●● (5)
Movement Speed ●●●●●●● (7)

Very powerful but has a limited attack because your ammo is your health.


  • The Tri-Angle is named after a polygon, the triangle.

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