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The Tri-Trapper is a 4th-tier class. It has 3 times the guns as trapper, shoots as fast as the Trapper, and each gun takes turns shooting. The traps that the Tri-Trapper makes are probably as strong as the Trapper itself. The Tri-Trapper is basically a support or defense class. A defensive tactic is positioning in the corner of an arena and constantly firing traps, as this leads to an almost impenetrable defense, which will likely to require at least two people to penetrate through. Another defensive move is being somewhere in the arena, turning on auto spin and auto fire, as this will make you a wall in no time.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Tri-Trapper
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Trapper Trapper
Tri-Trapper Tri-Trapper

Pros and Cons


  • Can easily make a field of trappers.
  • Very useful against Rammers.
  • Nice Damage.
  • Can stay in the centered with Auto Spin on.
  • In Team Deathmatch, when Reload, Damage and Penetration are maxed, the Tri-Trapper can create a field of traps with auto-spin and auto-fire on, which can effectively make a temporary safe haven for other tanks to regenerate their health and provide cover for allied tanks. Increasing the Bullet Speed can increase the radius of safe haven, but the "wall" will be a bit thinner.
  • In Mothership, with maxed Reload, Damage, and Penetration, it can be helpful in defending the Mothership by creating a wall that can help stop bullets.


  • Can't shoot far.

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