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Triple Twin
Triple Twin.png


Triple Twin – It is, like the name suggests, just 3 twins equally spaced at 120° each of which one always points towards the cursor. The Triple Twin has 6 cannons in total.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Triple Twin
Tank Tank Twin Twin

Twin Flank Twin Flank

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
Triple Twin Triple Twin


As Triple Twin


  • Focus and spread fire: Triple Twin is the only tank that can both focus (2 guns on each) and spread (point at 3 different dirrection) their firepower. Depending on what you are dealing with, either focus or spread is more effective. Example:
-When you have to deal with 1 tank only, focus your firepower.
-When attack multi target, try to allign them in your line of fire so you can do as much damage to many enemies as possible.


  • I'm invincible: Like the Twin Flank, Triple Twin still has weak points but they are much smaller. But that still doesn't mean you can rush straight into the battlefield.

Against Triple Twin


  • Aim for their weak points: It is possible to kill a Triple Twin even if it's raging at you. Simply aim at their weak points and shoot.
  • Suprise attack: Many tanks can do this well, such as the Booster, Stalker or even Necromancer if well used. Because Triple Twin players got an idea in their head as: "This tank is (nearly) invincible", they might stunt or panic against sudden attack.


  • Solo warrior: Because most Triple Twins don't have a lot of Movement Speed and absolutely no recoil, you can gather a group and destroy it before it can get away.

Common builds

  • A very effective build: 3/2/0/7/7/7/7/0 because:
-Triple Twin require a lot of firepower to withstand and counter an incoming attack.
-High health so you can take some damage without dying. Otherwise, you will die really quickly.

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