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Tier 4 (Level 45)


Triple Twin – It is, like the name suggests, just 3 twins equally spaced at 120° each of which one always points towards the cursor. The Triple Twin has 6 cannons in total.

Evolutional Stages

TankTwinTwin FlankTriple Twin

TankFlank GuardTwin FlankTriple Twin


As Triple Twin


  • Focus and spread fire: Triple Twin is the only tank that can both focus (2 guns on each) and spread (point at 3 different dirrection) their firepower. Depending on what you are dealing with, either focus or spread is more effective. Example:
-When you have to deal with 1 tank only, focus your firepower.
-When attack multi target, try to allign them in your line of fire so you can do as much damage to many enemies as possible.


  • I'm invincible: Like the Twin Flank, Triple Twin still has weak points but they are much smaller. But that still doesn't mean you can rush straight into the battlefield.

Against Triple Twin


  • Aim for their weak points: It is possible to kill a Triple Twin even if it's raging at you. Simply aim at their weak points and shoot.
  • Suprise attack: Many tanks can do this well, such as the Booster, Stalker or even Necromancer if well used. Because Triple Twin players got an idea in their head as: "This tank is (nearly) invincible", they might stunt or panic against sudden attack.


  • Solo warrior: Because most Triple Twins don't have a lot of Movement Speed and absolutely no recoil, you can gather a group and destroy it before it can get away.

Common builds

  • A very effective build: 3/2/0/7/7/7/7/0 because:
-Triple Twin require a lot of firepower to withstand and counter an incoming attack.
-High health so you can take some damage without dying. Otherwise, you will die really quickly.