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Triplet – This class features 3 barrels pointing in the same direction, shooting normal-sized bullets. It has a very fast reload speed but it is extremely vulnerable from the back. It has average recoil. This class has one of the best penetration stats in the game because it can shoot many bullets at once, and can even out-penetrate the Overlord/Manager's drones with relative ease.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Triplet
Tank Tank Twin Twin
Triple Shot Triple Shot
Triplet Triplet


Base Stats
Health Regen Mid
Max Health Mid
Body Damage Very Low
Bullet Speed High
Bullet Penentration Very High (Full)
Bullet Damage Very High (Full)
Reload Very High (Full)
Movement Speed Mid
Field of View Medium
Gun recoil Medium
Critical Damage Low
Gun Range Medium

Strength and Weaknesses



  • No rear protection


As Triplet


  • Use a good build: Upgrade the traditional bullet upgrades, as well as Reload. Spend the other points into health, otherwise you will 'live fast die young'.
  • Lead your shots: Even if you don't have to lead your shots as much as the Sniper branch does, doing so will make more shots hit your opponent.
  • A good build is 2/3/0/7/7/7/7/0, due to the good health stats, and the maxed out offensive stats. For extra movement speed, just fire in the opposite direction to where you want to go.


  • Be distracted: One small moment of distraction can allow an enemy to sneak up behind you and kill you with ease.
  • Multi Target: You must choose your priority target to destroy. And remember, a 1 HP tank can still do the exact damage a full health tank can.

Against Triplet


  • Flank: One of the Triplet's biggest weaknesses is the rear and side of the hull. If you can hit at those places, you can kill the Triplet really easily.


  • Solo: The Triplet is an extremely powerful class against lone enemies. Always beware of them.


Triplet has the second-lowest Bullet Damage of all of the Bullet Spammer classes (The one with the lowest damage being the Gunner.)

Triplet used to be a tier 3 class until the necromancer update.

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