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Twin – Includes a second gun firing at equal rate. It can be upgraded from a regular Tank at level 15.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Twin
Tank Tank Twin Twin
From Twin
Twin Twin
Triple Shot Triple Shot
Triplet Triplet
Penta Shot Penta Shot
Spread Shot Spread Shot
Quad Tank Quad Tank
Octo Tank Octo Tank
Auto 5 Auto 5
Twin Flank Twin Flank
Triple Twin Triple Twin
Battleship Battleship


The Twin essentially doubles the fire rate of the basic Tank. It can be used to rapidly clear fields of Squares and Triangles, or pound an enemy with enough rounds.

Before you upgrade to the Twin, make sure your Reload is high and Bullet Damage is maxed out. You'll want at least some Bullet Penetration as well, to help clear Obstacles and destroy enemies.

Avoid Bullet storms and enemies with drones (because usually they can surround your bullets and hit your body) like the Overseer or the Overlord, except for the Necromancer class, which can easily be killed with enough penetration and precision.

Depending on your strategy, you may want to upgrade Health Regeneration and Max Health during your time as a Twin. This is better for camping in the middle of the map and taking out enemies. Or, consider maxing out Movement Speed and Bullet Speed to keep a safe distance from enemies.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
Tier 2 Flank Guard  •  Machine Gun  •  Sniper  •  Twin
Tier 3 Assassin  •  Auto 3  •  Destroyer  •  Gunner  •  Hunter  •  Overseer  •  Quad Tank  •  Smasher  •  Trapper  •  Tri-Angle  •  Triple Shot  •  Twin Flank
Tier 4 Annihilator  •  Auto 5  •  Auto Gunner  •  Auto Smasher  •  Auto Trapper  •  Battleship  •  Booster  •  Factory  •  Fighter  •  Gunner Trapper  •  Hybrid  •  Landmine  •  Manager  •  Mega Trapper  •  Necromancer  •  Octo Tank  •  Overlord  •  Overtrapper  •  Penta Shot  •  Predator  •  Ranger  •  Rocketeer  •  Skimmer  •  Spike  •  Sprayer  •  Spread Shot  •  Stalker  •  Streamliner  •  Tri-Trapper  •  Triple Twin  •  Triplet
Special Dominator  •  Mothership
Mobs Bosses Defender  •  Fallen Overlord  •  Fallen Booster  •  Guardian  •  Summoner
Other Arena Closer  •  Dominator
Polygons Squares Minion
Triangles Base Drone  •  Crasher  •  Drone
Pentagons Alpha Pentagon
Other Discontinued Auto Tank  •  Machine Gun (v2)  •  Mega Smasher  •  Predator (old)  •  Sprayer (old)  •  X Hunter