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Twin Flank
Twin Flank.png


Twin Flank – The Twin Flank is essentially a double twin: two cannons both on the front and the back. The simplicity of this tank makes it rather versatile, although you cannot use it for a ramming playstyle as the guns' recoil cancel each other out. It is a very good class for the FFA and Team Deathmatch gamemodes, where health is key.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Twin Flank
Tank Tank Twin Twin

Twin Flank Twin Flank

Tank Tank Flank Guard Flank Guard
From Twin Flank
Twin Flank Twin Flank
Triple Twin Triple Twin
Battleship Battleship


Against Twin Flank


  • Don't be afraid to take some damage: Due to its rather high health and ability to spray bullets in two directions, it might be hard to approach one without taking some damage.


  • Rush into battle: Attack the twin flank from the side. By the time it notices you are shooting at its vulnerable part, you will already have done some damage, giving you a big advantage in the duel.

As Twin Flank


  • Stats: Health Regen and Max Health are very important to the Twin Flank, along with the usual high Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage and Reload. Because of the Health and Regeneration you have, the bullets of other people will have little effect on you, whereas you can cause a lot of damage to others with your Penetration, Damage and Reload.
  • Rotate As Offence: Another good stratagy as the Twin Flank is to rotate so that you have an advantage when battleing with other players.It also lets you get shapes at the same time.
  • Rotate As Defence: Just like rotating when attacking,rotating(and firing at the same time)can also be a defence and also potientialy scaring away other players.


  • Expose your sides: Just don't let the enemy hit your uncovered sides, they are your weak point. Always watch out for bullets incoming from the side.


  • A great twin flank build: 2/3/0/0/7/7/7/7


Farming as the Twin Flank is actually very easy, as there are two cannons on both sides. (It is more effective in the pentagon nest.)

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